infleum ico review

Infleum ICO – The Reverse ICO That Makes Trading Transparent


The past two years have seen ICOs skyrocket to become popular with investors interested in the cryptocurrency market. Expectedly, some projects have fallen short of the investors’ expectations with some being outright scams. According to Coinschedule, this year alone, over 490 ICO projects have raised more than $11 billion. Nevertheless, the lack of regulation has made the investment in the ICOs risky even though they are a lot better than venture capitalist investments.

One then wonders what may be done to overcome the risks. Reverse ICOs have been touted to do just that. Standard ICOs are usually put together by startups and often lack existing services or products, but instead have a roadmap. A reverse ICO, on the other hand, is organized by a company with a long history on the market. The idea is often to expand the product or service list through blockchain technology. Companies get to decentralize parts of their structure and to disrupt the industry.

Compared to standard coin offerings, reverse ICOs offer an improved value proposition, existing infrastructure, a proven track record, and relatively lower risks. Reverse ICOs are beginning to appear with an increasing frequency. One such ICO is Infleum.

What is Infleum?

Infleum is a platform created by ELSOL Company that looks to make trading transparent with small actions that turn into profit. According to the company, the following three things are necessary for a reverse ICO to be successful:

Figure 1: Conditions for Reverse ICO

First off, the platform is meant to help small to medium enterprises and start-ups to grow. Through its collaborative efforts and support, the company has a diverse clientele base that is bound to attract investors. Through the platform, a business will be able to overcome physical and regional barriers to advertise and market their services where there is a need.

That way, users on the platform will be competing for the clients and this drives quality up and lowers costs until the platform reaches an economy of scale. The platform uses smart contracts to provide consumer and client information. Ownership details, activities and project results are accessible through a distributed ledger. What is more, the measurement system is objective which means that participation is measured credibly.

What is more, the Infleum platform is made for individuals too, not just enterprises.

About ELSOL Company

The company is a brand publisher whose sole responsibility is to speed up the growth of start-ups by planning and developing their marketing processes. ELSOL looks to empower small businesses to overcome the limitations of production and information by making local and global connections. To achieve this, the company believes in making human-centered innovations that solve problems in the value chain.

Over time, ELSOL has worked with many companies and brands and has created a partnership pool with consultants, brands, and manufacturers. As of now, the company looks to sell the idea of personal wellness to brands. The point is for them to generalize the idea of inner beauty and then bridge it with external beauty so as to have a unified brand message.

The company has devised Infleum with eight DAPP services for creating and publishing brands. They cover everything necessary for building a brand, from investment to consumption. The team thinks that the platform will revolutionize the growth of brands. Their key point is a transparency policy that cuts across the whole ecosystem.

The Korean company has been in business since 2013 and has collected experience and intelligence to be able to provide solutions to problems that small businesses encounter. Even though now it is possible to get funding from third parties through formats like crowdfunding, in Korea, a company takes about two years to break even. ELSOL exists to handle the production, distribution, planning, and design to help a brand endure those two years.

By using the platform, brands get to combine all the activities into one process that generates profit. Ultimately, they become efficient, and are able to launch the business in 100 days. The platform does not restrict the user to one role, and so a consumer may also advertise and request services. A producer could also be a content marketer. The platform breaks the boundaries and makes it possible for the individual to participate for rewards.

The token

The INFLEUM token is the reward in the system. It is used for donations, investments, creating smart contracts and advertising. One may also use the token for networking and other commercial activities like payments. The more the ecosystem expands, the more the token is used. They will be distributed as follows:

Figure 2: Token Distribution

The unsold tokens will be sold or airdropped to participants.


The industry is yet to discover the potential of tokenized economies and reverse ICOs. However, it is certain that as the trend continues, and with Infleum on board, there will be new jobs and industry practices that will affect the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. The most significant strength of Infleum is that it will use a commercial API to provide services. The token is used in the platform and grows alongside the Infleum ecosystem.

Token and ICO Details

Token name: INFLEUM
Ticker: IFUM
Soft cap: $3 000 000
Hard cap: $18 000 000
Initial price: $0.02
Accepted payments: BCH, ETH, BTC, ETC, LTC