Iconiq Holding (ICNQ token) – Developing Promising Startups

What makes Iconic Lab different from an average project raising funds through an initial coin offering is that this company doesn’t develop any product itself, but helps other promising startups to bring their bold ideas to life.

The team conducted the ICO in April-May 2018 and has raised more than $1.7 million. Now that they have enough funds to fulfill their purposes, they have selected 9 best startups out of more than 500 applications and help them with developing their products.

To make sure that only the best quality projects make into the accelerator, Iconic Labs thoroughly screens through the applications, analyzes the documents, reviews the project from the legal, technological and liquidity point of view, and only after that makes a final decision.

What type of services Iconic Lab provides

Accelerator program

This program is designed to help blockchain-based startups issuing their own tokens. Iconic Labs helps projects to select the right tokenization model, guides on legal and tax questions, provides with the access to investors and advisors networks and many other cool services.


Having gained deep knowledge in the ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrency area, Iconic labs representatives are ready to share their experience with any company that seeks for an expert’s advice. They can help you with questions related to the tokenization model, legal and tax structuring, blockchain marketing, smart contracts, relations with investors and many more.

Strategic partners

Finlab AG, a German FinTech company incubator, made a strategic investment into Iconic Labs in November 2017. This helps the project not only to expand its capabilities, but also provides it with the access to Finlab’s investors’ network.

Also, the project has partnered with Santiment, analytics agency providing information on blockchain market, an investment fund LDJ Capital and a closed crypto fund TAAS.

Iconiq Lab successful projects

Unibright is the unified network for blockchain-based business integration. The main purpose of the project is to facilitate blockchain integration for the businesses that are interested in using this new technology in their operations. So far, Unibright has raised $14 million in only 10 days with the help of Iconic Labs.

There also some projects that are still at the incubation stage, but have all the chances to reach their goals:

  • Vreo – video game advertising platform
  • Vlux – peer-to-peer energy trading platform
  • Solidified – a huge community of Solidity experts providing smart contracts audit

The Iconic team

The project was launched by two experienced venture capitalists who have been working in the financial industry for years.

Patrick Lowry

Managing partner and CEO

Before starting Iconic Labs, Patrick has been working on the venture capital branch in Ziegert Bank and in the financial company Deutsche Börse Venture Network. He has more than 10 years of experience in the financial sector and over this period has co-founded several startups.

Patrick’s Linkedin profile

Maximilian Lautenschläger

Managing Partner

Having gained a solid experience in consulting, company building, venture capital, fintech and private equity, Maximilian now works with his partner in the blockchain area.

Maximilian’s Linkedin profile

The Iconic advisors

Even with such skilled people at the head of the company, Iconic Labs makes use of experts’ advice in multiple areas. There are 9 advisors mentioned in the Iconic white paper. Here are the major ones.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

Blockchain Expert

Philipp is the head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Philipp’ Linkedin profile

Dimitri Chupryna

Analytics Advisor

Dimitri is the co-founder and the managing partner at Taas, a crypto fund that is one of the Iconic key partners.

Dimitri’s Linkedin profile


Iconic Labs is a successful investment company with experienced specialists in the background. They have all the necessary skills to detect a really promising IT startups and help them grow their business to a significant level. Although Iconic ICO has already finished, it’s worth to monitor the projects that they work with.