ICOCLONE provides the upgraded STO script with SEC guidelines

Icoclone, one of the reputed STO development company has upgraded the STO script with packed features in accordance with SEC Guidelines. The agency has recently launched STO services for global clients.

“Security Tokens have become most popular among the investors in the crypto industry. Thus, we started offering STO Software across the globe. They are developed with newly updated features to double the profits”, started the Chief Official at Icoclone.

Icoclone offers Debt Tokens, Equity Tokens, and Asset Tokens. All these Tokens are completely intended to assist the investors with their businesses. 

“The crucial motto of our firm is to help investors and startups to gain a high amount of dividends for their projects. Our major intent is to render high-end user experience for our clientele. We have planned to regularly collect the feedbacks of their experience to improve ourselves. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority.”, added, the Senior Official!

Here is the set of features, they have integrated into their STO Script:

  • Supports Fiat and multiple Cryptocurrencies.
  • The launched tokens are legally compliant with SEC Guidelines.
  • Security Token Creation.
  • Secured Wallet Integration.
  • Global Investor Participation.
  • Compliant KYC/AML solutions.
  • Asset Fractionalization.
  • Investor Contract Management.
  • Customized Smart Contracts. 

Initially, they would gather unique requirements from the clients. We make ideas for them and check for jurisdictions in the country. Since most of the countries haven’t made them legal, it is important to figure out them. 

Then they would start developing the Security Tokens & STO Website with an intuitive experience. These tokens are created in compliance with SEC regulations and the country’s regulations.

“We always have a habit of collecting feedback from our clients. With that, we would enhance our STO applications in the future. As most of our clients requested STO services along with ICO, we have embedded a good set of features in the script in it for them”, ended the Senior Official!

Icoclone services are completely customized and can be altered as per the client’s requirements. They provide products that are applicable to entry-level, medium-level and enterprise-level.

About Icoclone:

ICOCLONE is the top-notch solution provider of ICO and STO development services. They have a great set of expertise in these domains and have assisted the global clients in fundraising. Icoclone affords safe and compliant tokens for all the market participants. They present a network of fundraising services to diverse sectors such as Logistics, Finance, Healthcare, etc.

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