ICO Mission Control by QUOINE – Safe ICO Investing

In this article, we will go over a new service, called ICO Mission Control. Before we go through how this will make ICO investments safe, let’s go over why it is a much-needed service today.

ICO is a word that is both hated and loved in the crypto space.
ICO’s is the key to funding new, innovative project based on the blockchain. New ICO’s are launching every day, with the ambitions to revolutionize existing industries.

This is great, but there is a problem: The ICO environment we live in today, is not healthy. It is a haven for scammers.

Why are Scammers Thriving in the Current ICO Environment?

Today, everyone can start their own ICO if they wanted to. Most countries doesn’t have any ICO regulation.

This makes it easy for people with bad intentions to launch an ICO, without having to be afraid of any consequences.

Bitconnect is the most known example of this. The project was made as a pyramid scheme that was doomed to fail from start. This led to investors losing over 400 million USD. But because of the lack of regulation, the team was able to stay anonymous and they did not face any consequences of this.

This is just one example, there are countless others where investors have lost millions because of bad intentions from the ICO founders.

The absence of regulation and transparency is making the ICO atmosphere a wild west where there are no rules the actors have to play by.

ICO Mission Control – The Solution for Safe Investing in ICO’s

ICO Mission Control is a platform made by QUOINE.
This is the same company that is behind the QASH token (market cap 170 million USD), and two well-known exchanges, QUOINEX and  QRYPTOS. The company is also currently developing the LIQUID platform, a platform that will merge order books on all exchanges, solving the crypto liquidity problem.

ICO Mission Control was announced May 6. 2018. The first ICO to launch on the platform was Vuulr (May 7).

Their press release stated the following about the service:

“ICO Mission Control is an end-to-end solution designed to help blockchain project teams conduct an ICO in a flexible, secure, transparent, scalable manner, that adheres to best practices of KYC and AML.”

The point of launching this service is to make the experience of investing in ICO’s easier and more transparent. When you invest in an ICO through ICO Mission Control, you know that the company is following the right practices, and the chance for the project to be a scam would be close to non-existent.

The service also makes it easier for a project to launch their ICO. They won’t have to spend their funds and resources on developing everything that goes along with creating an ICO, and they will know that all assets in the exchange are secure. By launching the ICO on ICO Mission Control, the team will have more resources to focus on something more important – their product.

The service has been integrated to the QRYPTOS exchange. It will also be integrated to the LIQUID platform after launch.

These integrations bring another incentive for projects to launch their ICO on the ICO Mission Control: Exposure

QRYPTOS exchange has several hundred thousand customers. The LIQUID platform is going to have a vast number of users as well (QRYPTOS and QUOINEX will eventually be combined with the LIQUID platform).

Positive Aspects of listing ICO’s Through ICO Mission Control

+ Several hundred thousand people are registered and KYC verified on the platform and can invest in an ICO on the platform easily at any time.

+ A combined exchange + ICO platform in one place makes the investing process easier.

+ The platform has a standard every ICO has to follow. No confusing token sales.

+ Investors will know that the project is following the best practices (KYC and AML).

+ Investors will know that the project is verified as genuine.