HyperQuant – Automated Platform for AI Crypto Trading

About HyperQuant

HyperQuant is a multifunctional platform where you can create your own decentralized applications, automate crypto trading and handle digital assets.

Crypto Trading Through Artificial Intelligence

In the past, there was a need for financial advisors, now we have the opportunity to apply artificial intelligence for all the same tasks.

This makes the process itself more simple and transparent for network participants, both for the experienced and the new.
The user set the necessary rules such as risk, type of value and exchange services and the system processes are carried out by artificial intelligence, ie the robot.

The platform architecture consists of:

  1. An application layer that provides advanced services that enhance platform functionality
  2. A layer of artificial intelligence on the platform that automates data.

HyperQuant wants to become the new standard for automated investments.


The following project recently joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which is promising for the project’s future.
This alliance means that it is likely that HyperQuant is going to be working with several industry leaders in the future.

The project is also partnered up with Kucoin, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Russias second largest stock exchange, SPC Exchange is invested with the project as well.


A demo product has been released, it can be downloaded here (Android only at the time being).

After the development of the app is finished, the team is going to focus on B2C solutions and artificial intelligence, with a full rollout in 2020, where solutions for larger companies and more will be in place.


The company is being led by Pavel Pavchenko (CEO). Pavel is a highly competent quant trader that manages a multimillion hedge fund. He has experience developing technical trading solutions for Russias second largest stock exchange, SPC.

Managing director Poul Rogov has experience working for Russias biggest IT company, the Mail.ru group & My.com

The rest of the team consists of 11 highly experienced team-members as well as 5 advisors on their side.

Check out the complete team here.

Token Utility

By holding their token, you can use crypto-exchange bots as well as the software on the HyperQuant platform.

Tokens can be earned by developing and placing decentralized applications in the marketplace and sharing valuable data. You can use tokens to create smart contracts that store data about your investment portfolio and your personal currency exchange configurations, as well as build your own decentralized applications or hedge fund programs on top of the platform.


HyperQuant will shortly complete its initial coin offering (ICO) to help build, launch and market their platform. The project is currently in private investor phase. Pre-ICO will start in July, while the date for the main ICO has not been published yet.

During the private sales, contributors will receive 20% bonus tokens on their investments, the bonus during the pre-ICO is set at 15%.

Token: HQT

Total supply: 320 million

Tokens for sale in ICO: 144,000,000 (45% of total supply)

Accepting: ETH

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