Hyperbridge ICO Overview – Protocol for the new token based economy


The following ICO project want to build the future of the digital economy. The project go under the name Hyperbridge, and they are, according to the founders the best solution for creators with ideas. The company is now in the process of acquiring capital through their ICO, which will last a month.

Hyperbridge in a nutshell

Hyperbridge develops a protocol where you have opportunities to make capital, as well as create and publish your own tokens. For example, these digital values can be used to make transactions in games that is hosted on a blockchain rather than a central server.

The protocol will be able to help projects by offering a platform for the product with a marketplaces for the digital values, licensing and a secure capital acquisition where everything will be made to make the process tranparant and simple for entrepreneurs.

Gaming tokens on the Hyperbridge Protocol

The gaming industry is one of the world’s largest industries with over 2.2 billion players on earth. There is also no indication that this will stop and more and more games will be on the market for traditional game consoles, as well as VR and mobile games. Cryptocurrency and computer games go hand in hand as games developed on top of block chains will be available forever – and the opportunities for copying and developing are getting bigger and bigger. Now only our creativity can end.


The company behind this product was founded last year in Estonia. Their backbone is to solve one of today’s biggest issues in block-chain technology, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. In the long run, they are looking to take today’s internet to the next step, the decentralized network. Their main focus is the gaming industry where they serve as the link between users and manufacturers. According to their business plan, their platform will be decentralized during Q2, next year.

Platform launch

Their platform is expected to launch on 10 November. Within one month, one third of their token value, HBX, will be sold to investors worldwide. In total, there will be a billion HBX tokens available. Token sales are now open and will be available one month from today.

Investors who have gone through KYC, ie verification of identity, will be able to purchase tokens at 0.055 US dollars per. token. The capital acquisition will contribute to the production and launch of the product in the long term, marketing and more. To find out more about this, visit Hyperbride’s website at hyperbridge.org.

Project updates

Hyperbridge has done a great job in making it easy for investors and interested individual to follow up on the progress according to the business plan. The project also has a GitHub available where you can check out the code in technical depth.

Under is a screenshot from their website where their progress is presented in a simple, transparent way. This is something that makes the transperency differ from many other projects, as many projects are not as good at updating investors and supporters on the technical progress.

Useful Resources

To find out more about the project, product, business plan, team behind and more, visit their website at hyperbridge.org.

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Author: Gustafio