How Athletes Can Reap the Benefits of DEFIT

Apart from Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, many celebrities and renowned personalities have joined the crypto movement, including athletes. Whether it be Mike Tyson, Lionell Messi, Floyd Mayweather, or Denis Rodman, many professional athletes have started recognizing the value of cryptocurrencies. However, crypto brings much more to the table for athletes than just an investment opportunity, if used in the right way.

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies that allows the creation of decentralized applications using a native currency.

Decentralized applications have started becoming the new normal for people. Benefits such as transparency, trust in the system, better returns, no manipulation, and many others have become a prominent reason why people favor decentralization. 

Digitalizing health and fitness

In essence, these decentralized applications provide complete digitalization of industry. Together with seamless payment mechanisms, decentralized applications have revolutionized many industries and the health and fitness industry is one of them. 

Health and fitness are not a trend but a lifestyle. Compared to the new applications, the health and fitness industry has been around since the start and will be there till the end. 

Whether it is the eating habits of a person, exercise, or sleeping schedule, or even emotional well-being, health and fitness are the top priority in every person’s life. 

Especially for the athletes, being able to have a digital health and fitness ecosystem allows them to focus more on their goals. 

In the current situation, athletes face a plethora of challenges while going digital with their fitness. This is where decentralized applications in this industry bring new hope. 

Applications such as 360Wellness have made it more feasible for athletes to reap the benefits of true digitalization with the added advantage of decentralization. 

360Wellness adds value to the health and fitness goals by monetizing them with its native token, DEFIT. Furthermore, 360Wellness provides a comprehensive ecosystem accommodating all the needs of an athlete in a single place. 

Use Case: Benefits of 360Wellness for Athletes

The various features provided by the 360Wellness application align perfectly with the requirements of athletes as described below:

  1. DEFIT token

All financial transactions inside the 360Wellness ecosystem are facilitated by their native token, which allows athletes to complete seamless transfers without hefty transaction fees or payment delays. Athletes can get online training, pay for a membership, and pay for other facilities such as diet and nutrition, all using the DEFIT token. 

Furthermore, Athletes can also use the DEFIT coin to generate a passive income by staking it. Staking is an activity where the coin holders lock their liquidity and become a liquidity provider in the protocol. For their contribution, they earn rewards in the form of coins. 

Apart from these, the application also rewards the users for achieving their goals. On completing a milestone, the user gets DEFIT tokens. This acts as extra motivation for athletes to perform better every day. 

  1. Data privacy

If there is anything precious to an athlete, it is their routine. What time they wake up, how much time they sleep, what is their exercise schedule, their diet, and various other activities. On the traditional application, the data of an athlete is not secured. It is either stored in a third-party service like a cloud or it is stored inside the application’s database. There is centralized control over this data. On Blockchain-based decentralized application of DEFIT, this data is stored on an immutable and decentralized ledger, secured with the highest forms of cryptography. 

  1. Credible trainers

Athletes always struggle to get training from a credible, certified trainer. The reason behind this is that the market is flooded with trainers and it has become impossible to establish the credibility of a trainer in this era of fake ratings and fake certifications. DEFIT ecosystem is powered by trust and transparency, thanks to the underlying distributed ledger technology. Genuine users leave genuine reviews which allow the trainers to easily identify a credible trainer. 


In addition to these, there are referral programs that allow athletes and influencers to get additional tokens for each referral. Every referral gives 10 tokens and every user gets 10 referrals. The application also gives loyalty rewards to the athletes for maintaining their routine. 

Therefore, DEFIT adds further value and purpose to the existing goals of athletes such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, completing milestones, and sustaining focus. 

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