HEROIC ICO Review – AI-Powered Cyber Security Solution


Cyber threats are growing in an aggressive manner, and the current cybersecurity solutions are faulty and obsolete. Latest upgrades in AI threat protection, are fairly often redistributed to big corporate operations, leaving the technology inaccessible to people who are most prone to cyber attacks. Heroic.com is creating a new way in means of AI-based threat protection by making use of large data, blockchain and of course artificial intelligence. Heroic.com Project will have a great influence on the future generation of cybersecurity and make AI-powered threat protection available for all people around the globe. HRO token and Ecosystem of Heroic.com will become a new archetype which will be applied throughout the whole cybersecurity business to provide security, trust, and privacy universally.

Ecosystem Overview

The Ecosystem of Heroic.com is a smart and open cybersecurity ecosystem established in the blockchain, and it protects against present and future generation cyber threats. The most important components that the Ecosystem consists of are:

  • Arc Reactor- a decentralized AI-based threat intelligence platform.
  • Guardian- based on the cloud, an undivided system which has the primary task of managing threats.
  • Also, there is a Research and Development Environment which is projected exclusively for developers to do testing and developing of their own algorithms on an extremely safe platform. These three components are crucial for the Ecosystem.

This is a one-of-a-kind way to create a deep-rooted, viable and a continually growing ecosystem for cyber threat protection.

Ecosystem Participants

  1. Individuals( Users and Threat Miners)

Individuals that participate in the Ecosystem of Heroic.com will be ensured with software that includes many features like AI-based threat protection, a secure wallet for HRO tokens and an Internet connection for the Ecosystem. Besides users being able to successfully their desktop or mobile devices, for instance, users will earn HRO tokens as their system at the same time evaluates, shares and finds anonymized threat data. Threat miners are those people who permit their phones, tablets or other devices to anonymously consent to be a part of the Ecosystem, shaping an active collective of individual devices.

  1. Developers

Developers in Heroic.com are going to have full access to the entireness of the Ecosystem where they will be a part of R&D environment which ensures the chance to research, test or develop their software and algorithms.

  1. Organizations in HEROIC.com Project

Organizations constitute a significant element of the Ecosystem because they will assist in major amounts of data that help to protect data sufficiently. Also, organizations will ensure a thriving marketplace of threat data. Organizations can be the government, schools, businesses, etc.

Token Details

  • HRO Token

HRO Token is an integral part of the current project of Heroic.com Ecosystem, and this token will be used as a type of authorization, settlement and motivation among user on the Ecosystem, and also for some other linked services. It is expected that the HRO token becomes a new archetype that will be practiced throughout the whole cybersecurity ecosystem.

  • Token Incentives

These incentives are used controlled through to the handling of those HRO tokens with the Ecosystem which has multi-feature transactions and allowing both payments and purchases among any combo of the Heroic.com participants.

  • Token Market

The Heroic.com project is making a booming market of threat data, which is mainly powered with HRO Tokens. Tokens can be bought using Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

  • User Growth Fund

In the Heroic.com a user growth fund will be applied to motivate the users to engage in certain aspects of the Ecosystem.


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Rating: 4.5/5

Although Heroic is an ongoing project in the cybersecurity industry it will surely become a paradigm in AI-powered threat protection.


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