Health FX ICO – Healthcare on The Blockchain

What is Health FX?

Health FX  is made from pioneers in the medical industry, that already has faced eight years of commerical success in the industry. Now, they are turning to blockchain, and want to create a token that utilizes blockchain technology to revolutionize the way we receive healthcare.

Problems with Healthcare Today

The healthcare of today is facing several problems.

  • Important data is stored on centralized servers that can be turned off at any time
  • The process of getting insurance is takes a long time
  • The price of healthcare services increases each year.

How will Health FX Improve Healthcare?

Health FX’s platform will utilize artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to find the right help for patients and eliminate all the mistakes that are being made today. Patients will then have their own private key to their medical data that can be accessed and shared at any time. The biggest advantage of using blockchain technology is that all information is stored in a public chain that can never be disabled because there are a huge number of computers around the world that maintain all data and information. With blockchain payments, it will become more difficult for fraud, as you have the ability to verify all data and actions that are being done.

Health FX’s main values ​​are quality, safety, and efficiency. With intelligent matching of services, treatments will be offered only by the best in the chosen field. Payments are simple and fast and patients have access to the information they should be entitled to access. Patients choose who will have access to their information and can be sure they get the right price for the service they need. Some countries want greater use for this decentralized application than others.

In some countries like Norway and Denmark, the price of healthcare is relatively low, but in most parts of the world, most institutions offering healthcare are private, and thus quite expensive when they are in need of such assistance. The goal is for everyone to have access to healthcare in a safe, tidy and less expensive manner. With blockchain technology, actions become more transparent as all transactions are saved and can be reviewed by anyone, at any time.


The company will conduct a capital injection in the form of ICO this summer.

The date of pre-sale is scheduled for June 16, while main ICO will start on July 14th.

During the token issue, their own digital device, based on Ethereum’s blockchain, HFX token will be released.

The minimum amount the company needs (soft cap) is 2.8 million US dollars, the maximum amount (hard cap) is 38 million dollars.

A total of one billion tokens will be “printed”. This number is fixed and cannot be changed afterwards.

The acquired capital will be used for legal purposes (5%), marketing (20%), operations(15%) and product development(60%).

The company behind this project has a long history behind it, with over 8 years in assisting patients to reach the right help. Health FX is led by Varun Panjwani, along with Charley Zuidinga and Vipula Samarakoon. With them, they have a number of advisors who have excelled in each field, including Laura Nelson Carney (AB Bernstein), Dilshaad Ali (CEO, Avivo Group), Ria Hoban (Director of APAC Digital Alliances & AI Accenture). Check out the full team here.

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