GuardPay Token Token becomes PayPal in the blockchain world

In the past few years, although Bitcoin, Ethereum, TEDA and other cryptocurrencies have caused an upsurge and are sought after by many consumers in the market, in fact, due to the installation of software and hardware equipment, currency clearing and settlement, the number of stores willing to accept cryptocurrencies is still very high. It is scarce, which also makes it difficult for many holders who want to trade in cryptocurrency.

We are optimistic that the cryptocurrency-based payment market will grow substantially in the next few years. The GuardPay Token team was established in Silicon Valley, USA in 2020, and launched GuardPay Token based on blockchain decentralized ledger technology in January this year. Payment service, the goal is to make assets on the blockchain easily accessible and as easy to use as cash in real life.

Assist the store to accept consumer payments in cryptocurrency

GuardPay Token mainly provides fast collection services based on blockchain services. After the store is introduced, it can be online in the mall or offline store, and accept consumers to pay in cryptocurrency.

When a consumer decides to use cryptocurrency to pay, the store can choose the corresponding legal currency on the GuardPay Token interface, and the system will convert the exchange rate at the current rate and inform the number of tokens to be paid. At this time, the consumer uses Scan the QR Code in your wallet to complete the payment, and the GuardPay Token will be credited to the account bound by the store with the equivalent legal currency amount.

At this stage, since it is still in the promotion period, no handling fee is charged. The team said that this approach is beneficial to consumers and stores. The former can make full use of the cryptocurrency they hold, while the latter can provide customers with more payment options and expand new consumer groups without investing in hardware equipment.

“In the end, the cryptocurrency still has to find a gap, otherwise it will become a game of people in the circle buying and selling short.” The digital currency market agrees that no matter how many cryptocurrencies they have, if the holders of the currency do not have a suitable payment channel, then these Currency can only go around in the currency circle, and cannot produce practical applications and exert its due value. 

But when the currency price plummets, will GuardPay Token suffer losses? In this regard, the GuardPay Token team stated that they have treasury coins on the Binance exchange that they are cooperating with. They lock positions by linking APIs and lock the quotations on the exchange. Therefore, even if the currency price drops sharply in the market, the team It will not be affected.

Optimistic about the prospects of the industry Target to become PayPal in the blockchain industry

Since its launch in January this year, GuardPay Token has been cooperating with Zipper, an international clearing and settlement service company, Binance, a cryptocurrency trading platform, and Mithril, a social mining platform, and is still growing as it opens up new partners.

“GuardPay Token is not to compete with the old generation, but to accompany the new generation of people who are willing to use innovative things to tap the hidden huge new demand.” Taking the Internet industry as an example, the blockchain is just like decades ago. In the state where this technology has just emerged, many people are skeptical or even negative because they don’t know how to apply it. But since its development, the email developed by the Internet not only solves the problem of information transmission, but also is an indispensable tool in human life.

I believe that as technology continues to improve and progress, one day GuardPay Tokens built on the blockchain will become everyone’s daily life just like emails. Trading cryptocurrencies is a natural thing, and they will become a district before that. PayPal in the block chain industry is the goal and continues to move forward.

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