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ICO ICO Overview – Blockchain Based Freelance Ecosystem ICO Overview

The following project is doing an ICO to fund the development of a new ecosystem that enables employers and employees to collaborate through a new system of freelancers using transparent, smart contracts on a blockchain. On a global scale, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to receive assistance for projects requiring additional labor.

The platform is called GigTricks and serves as the mechanism that brings together the world at a professional place where trade in services occurs. Freelancers have their profile stored the blockchain where the skills and experience are displayed in a transparent way where the attributes are verified. Freelancers are also exposed to all types of jobs they did not know because their skills could be used in the following fields. If you have the knowledge to write articles, design, code and more, there are huge markets that can utilize your expertise accurately.

Gigtricks vs. traditional freelance platforms

The price of services on the freelance market has recently increased a lot in price since there in most cases are more intermediaries that work for recruitment and centralized hosting of freelance markets. With GigTricks, all trade is transparent, and there is no one between the buyer and seller who is responsible for the exchange of service happens. There is also going to be released a device that allows you to complete assignments without being connected to a wireless network. Within the ecosystem, all skills will be verified and show your score in the selected field.

The project has already released a working prototype, you can test it out for yourself here.

Main components in the ecosystem

  • GigTricks PRO – Blockchain based resume portal where workers have to get their skills verified before attributing them to their profile.
  • GigTricks Learning – Blockchain based learning portal.
  • GigTricks Social – Social platform where users can earn tokens by participating and contributing to the community.
  • GigTricks Marketplace – Marketplace where users are able to find the most suitable candidate by not only filtering on general received profile ratings like on the most used freelance platforms today but with the option of being able to filter the scores on specific skills and talents.
  • GigTricks Point of Sale (POS) – Physical point of sale machines. Will enable freelancers to start their own business locally.


The GigTricks token, GBTC is issued as an Ethereum ERC-20 utility token.
The token will be used for transactions within the decentralized application, payment for displaying and posting ads on the platform as well as subscriptions.


The GigTricks private sales are now over and 14 million GBTC were sold to thousands of investors worldwide. The pre-ICO started July 1 and is going to last until the end of July, while the main token sale is starting September 1.

Finally, there is a maximum of 350 million tokens that are for sale. 1 token equals a quarter of a dollar in the main ICO price, while early investors have had the chance to grab tokens with up to 75% discount.

There is also a separate wallet available within the system, so you do not have to use third-party applications to make transactions within the system.

Accepting: Fiat, BTC, ETH
Minimum investment: 100 USD
Soft Cap: 2,500,0000
Hard Cap: 35,000,000
Token: Ethereum ERC-20
Project base: Gibraltar

To find out more about projects, check out their website here, and read the whitepaper here.
Dont like reading long technical documents? Check out the onepager here.

Author: Gustafio