Get Rewarded For Being a Critic — How Marco Travel Works

While other major industries have evolved alongside the advent of new technology, the travel industry is lagging behind. In its current state, the industry is highly centralized and reflects the interests of monopolies rather than consumers and creators. 

Marco is leveraging exciting developments in the world of decentralized technology in order to give power back to consumers. They are creating the Marco Protocol, a universal protocol layer set to connect consumers and businesses in the industry through a decentralized travel ecosystem that represents their needs. 

Today, more than 80% of travelers are influenced by travel content and reviews. Companies such as Facebook and Tripadvisor, for instance, boast over 315 million registered users and host more than half a billion reviews on their platforms. However, the content creators themselves are often shortchanged in the current ecosystem. Despite their hard work in fostering the industry’s growth, the majority of users in this space are not adequately compensated. In fact, most travel content is exploited by third-party platforms which claim ownership of the content for their own benefit. 

Among its exhaustive list of features, Marco is restoring balance to the equation by letting users make money for the content they create. To achieve this ambitious goal, Marco is facilitating a decentralized platform on which content can be shared and users can retain the rights to their work. Unlike the juggernauts that dominate the industry today, Marco’s platform incentivizes users to create location-based content such as reviews by rewarding them for their crucial role in maintaining the industry’s health.

The system works by using blockchain-powered smart contracts and a robust API which will reward users based on how well their content performs within the community. To get started, users submit their rating alongside their written review. The API then stores relevant information about the review on the blockchain. From there, other relevant parties such as the owner of a venue are notified about the review and given a chance to respond. Almost all of this happens behind the scenes, so that people can easily leave reviews on the go and get paid automatically..

This development represents a major shift in perceptions when it comes to the role of content creators. After all, why shouldn’t the people who make the industry so profitable be rewarded for their contributions? 

Thanks to Marco, users will now be able to earn the money they deserve for the travel content they create. In turn, these content creators play a key role in the future of the Marco ecosystem.

Users are automatically paid in the ecosystem’s native MRC token, which can be exchanged for tangible goods and services. The currency empowers the Marco Protocol and will be used by travel businesses which operate in the ecosystem. 

Overall, letting everyone from critics to content producers make money is just one small part of Marco’s plan to decentralize and reinvigorate one of the world’s largest industries. With the advent of the Marco Protocol, consumers will no longer suffer from the prevalence of monopolies in the form of egregious prices, stolen content, and exploited personal information. Marco is using modern technologies to bring the travel industry into a future that benefits everyone.

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