Get a quick overview of the million-class exchange Amendaex, protecting digital assets in all directions

Amendaex was founded in 2013 and is currently headquartered in Seychelles. With extensive experience serving users in the Asia Pacific region, serving millions of users, it ranks 11th in the world in trading volume and is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Amendaex has grown rapidly through derivatives trading, and while Amendaex’s spot trading volume is only outside the top 10 in the world, it ranks third in derivatives trading volumes, behind Currency An Binance and OKex 

To date, Amendaex has built an ecosystem of diversified financial services including mining pools, lending, jumpstarts and more around spot and derivatives trading.

An overview of Amendaex

Minimum transaction amount: 0.00001BTC/0.001ETH

The number of digital currencies tradable is 267

The number of currency trading pairs is 467

Mobile app IOS and Android are supported

Customer service is available 7 x 24 hours a day, supporting online real-time inquiries

Payment/Deposit Channels:   Visa/MasterCard Card, Apple Pay

Transaction fee: 0.01% to 0.1%.

Wallet Exchange accounts and chain wallets (cold wallets).

Coin withdrawal: Market standard miner fee, bitcoin current minimum withdrawal fee is 0.0004BTC

Regulated MSB,ASIC

2FA two-factor authentication login support

Coin withdrawal to external wallet support

Wallets provided : Exchange accounts and chain wallets (cold wallets).

Investor funds protection


With so many exchanges and an explosion in wallets, how can markets smartly choose platforms to host digital assets? But word-of-mouth and advertising marketing is far from enough, and more importantly, whether there can be fair and open third-party certification, in order to successfully obtain the public’s approval, Amendaex Viproex is well aware of this, so has long begun to apply for and layout of blockchain financial licenses, which are very important is the Canadian MSB FinTrac, the United States MSB blockchain regulatory license and Australia ASIC.

Technical safety

In fact, in fact, Amendaex has performed very well in the past, note that I am referring to the technical ability to prevent hacking, after all, Amendaex is an established exchange established in 2013, so far there are few successful cases of hacking. Securely, Amendaex supports Google’s 2FA two-factor authentication, and while the assets placed in the user’s account are a packed hot wallet, this hot wallet is an internal system that contains hot wallets and cold wallets, 95% of these encrypted assets are stored in cold wallets, 5% are stored in hot wallets to meet the user’s transaction needs, and the security of the private key is guaranteed through technologies such as semi-offline signatures. Most people in the coin circle also believe that technical security is the core

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