FTEC ICO – All in One Platform for Trading

What is FTEC?

There are loads of resources for crypto traders on the internet. This can range from automated trading bots, arbitrage analyzers, trading analysis communities as well as websites dedicated to learning crypto-trading.

FTEC is a project that aims to provide an ecosystem that offers all of these solutions, in one platform.

Is there a need for this platform?

The problem is that inconvenient to use several different sites for your trading. By merging all the crypto services into one platform, FTEC will be able to offer a more convenient trading experience.

With FTEC, you will be able to do everything related to trading with just one app. Develop your trading flexibility, improve strategies, check the status of your portfolio, save time and study specific types of crypto trading and the list goes on. The system is designed for traders, bot experienced users and beginners that who want to learn quickly and easily with automated workflows. This ecosystem makes trading readily available for everyone.

The main goal of FTEC is to build a unique trading system with a complete set of features to help you trade.

Platform components currently in development

Smart Trading Modules

Trading algorithms, also known as crypto bots.

Adaptive Social Assistant
Analysing news and announcements on social media that could make a positive/negative impact on the cryptocurrencies you choose.

Analyzer of News Background
Sending currency buy/sell recommendations based on data received from social networks.

Analyzer of Arbitrage Windows & Arbitrage Assistant
Overview of live arbitrage opportunities.

Exchange Order Management Module
When you trade cryptocurrency on any exchange, you can only set one stop-loss order. You can only set the stop-loss to sell or to buy at a certain price point, but not both. The exchange order module, on the other hand, will automatically close the trade at any point you set it to.

Telegram Assistant
Lets you use the main functions of the platform through Telegram, the most used app for cryptocurrency traders.

Crypto trading school. Learn how to trade successfully. The academy teaches users how to trade by taking lessons and tests from real-life examples from the real market.

Global Price Analyzer
Finds the exchange with the best price for the token you want to buy/sell.

Price Notification Module
Set up notifications to you when a cryptocurrency has hit a chosen level.

Crypto Portfolio Management
Live monitoring of your cryptocurrencies as well as your portfolios statistics.

Trading Recommendations Platform
A platform where experienced traders can share their recommendations for trades.

Trading Behaviour Analysis
Analyses your trading behavior and gives you suggestions about how you can improve your trading.

The modules are currently working with 10 of the most popular crypto exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex.

Check out the full list of modules that are currently in development at FTEC.io


FTEC is going to be issued as ethereum ERC-20 tokens.

The FTEC token is going to be a utility token. When someone is using a service on the platform, e.g. the trading bot, the bot needs to choose which user to prioritize, as the order book is limited. Users will be able to offer FTEC tokens in order to be prioritized.

Additionally, the payment of all services on the platform will be done in FTEC tokens.

998.400 000 tokens are going to be issued. 85% of the supply is reserved for the token sales, while 15% is allocated for the team (7%), bounty (3%), advisors (3%) and airdrop (2%).


The team consists of 21 members and 6 advisors. The team includes experienced crypto traders, developers as well as some of the most renowned advisors in the industry. These include Tyler Sanford and Vladamir Nikitin, two of the top advisors on ICObench as well as Andrei Popescu, the CO-founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Coss.io.

The team is already running two successful crypto services.

Coinbot.club –  A site dedicated to providing cryptocurrency trading bots.

Cryptoangels.io – A community of top traders providing ICO reviews, portfolio analysis, trade recommendations and more.


The main sale of FTEC tokens started June 20, and it is going to last until July 18 (or until the hard cap of 26,500 ETH is reached. Over 2000 ETH has been contributed so far, which guarantees the project’s implementation (soft cap reached).

Participating in the token sale will give you a unique opportunity to take part in an ever-increasing society and buy FTEC tokens before they hit the exchanges.

To purchase, sell and store FTEC tokens, you must have an Ethereum address, as the product is built on top of Ethereum’s blockchain. The minimum investment is 0.1 ETH.

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Author: Gustafio