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EyeGlob.Net ICO Review – Platform Dedicated to The Eye Health Industry

EyeGlob.net In a Nutshell

EyeGlob is a project that is dedicated to creating a network dedicated to connecting all participants in the eye health industry.

EyeGlob will offer trusted services for users who suffer from an eye condition, a value exchange, a place to find trusted partners for Research and Development projects, clinical trials and verified qualified practitioners as well as a lot more.

The General Eye Health is Dramatically Falling

You might find this project strange at first, as out of all medical and research industries, eye health doesn’t seem like the niche with the most significant need for their own dedicated platform.

Well, the fact of the matter is that, most likely, you are uninformed, just like I was. Research shows that the general eye health is decreasing every year in a rapid phase, all over the world. Additionally, at this time approximately 28% of all people in the world are living with an eye disease.

In 2010 there were 1.9 billion people that had some kind of eye disease. It is estimated that the number will increase to 3 billion by 2030. While the diseases are going up, the number of eye health practitioners are declining with 1.7% per year. It is evident that this is not sustainable.

The official whitepaper of the projects states three main reasons for this:
Problem 1 – Closed communities for professionals
Problem 2 – Public awareness
Problem 3 – Large workload for professionals

Potential solution: The EyeGlob.net platform

Blockchain Utilization

We have now gone into the basics of the current eye health situation, but what where does the blockchain fit into the picture?

The blockchain is known to be the safest place to store and maintain data, as all information stored on the blockchain is permanent and virtually unhackable. Users on the platform can store data about their eye health and care records. This approach makes it easier for practitioners to access all relevant data they need to give the best treatment.

The blockchain will also help to maintain trust with the practitioners on the platform. The blockchain offers valid licenses to practitioners, a qualification system and trusted reviews.

Why is the platform needed?

We can find one great example on the projects Medium blog. Co-founder Algirdas Zukauskas received a touching story from a 32-year-old male who had been struggling with the current system.

The individual suffered from a severe case of dry eyes disease, a condition where the eyes don’t produce enough tears. This had impacted his life quality a great deal for five years. He noticed that the local practitioners in his country had little interest in his disease, and he had to travel far to get his treatment.
He continues by mentioning that he finds it annoying that he had to travel far and wait for several hours just to see a specialist for 10 minutes, and had no option of contacting the practitioner online. When met with a new specialist, he had to go through an extensive process of bureaucratic procedures to transfer the patient records to the new eye specialist. Whats even more surprising was that he had to transfer everything through fax, as the patient systems dimmed sending sensitive patient information online as insecure.

I won’t go through the whole message, but  I highly recommend everyone to read it. Click here to read the full message.

He continues by going through why a platform like EyeGlobal.net would be a breakthrough for this industry

  • Health care is in a severe need to modernize. The current system is inefficient and because of fear of hacking online many companies are reluctant to use an internet based internet system for sensitive data because of the risk of hacking.
  • By applying modern technology, all participants in the industry could connect. By forming a global community, both patients, specialists, and researchers would have a place to interact.
  • In many cases today, more time is being used on bureaucratic tasks than on the patients. An example of this is when a patient books a one-hour consultation when all he needs is a 5-minute dialogue. If this were done online on an efficient platform, the doctor would be able to serve more clients in a shorter time.
  • EyeGlobal.net would give power back to the patient. Through the review based system practitioners are incentivized to provide a better service to their clients.
  • The blockchain protects all sensitive data, and no unwanted actors get access to the data.

The fact of the matter is that the mentioned individual is not alone, and the industry needs change.

EyeGlob Token EYE

The Eyeglob.net platform is going to be created as a tokenized ecosystem.

The EYE token is going to be issued as an Ethereum ERC-20 token. The token is designed to be the hearth of the ecosystem. All transactions on the platform will be done with the native token.

The total tokeln supply is 10 billion EYE, and 46% of th total token supply (4.6 billion) is allocated for investors in the ICO.

Token utility

The EYE tokens can be exchanged on the platform for a number of products and services.

This includes:

  • Products like eye-related products, medications and books.
  • Payment for treatment by partnered eye clinics, services like insurance.
  • Payment for studies and qualification events as well as to access Premium services on the platform.
  • Payment for ads. Advertisers are expected to become the main revenue source on the platform, and the only accepted payment is the EYE token.

Regular Users

Regular users on the platform will have the ability to earn tokens by creating and sharing content, as well as for sharing data. Examples of this can be writing articles or reviews and filing patient data for researchers. This is also known as Data mining, the more useful content and data you share, the more tokens gets allocated to you through the “mining.”

Users can do eye health tests through their phone on the platform and receive data about the result and receive a standardized report summarizing the received data.

If a user needs to consult an eye specialist, they can easily find the most suitable doctor through a number of requirements such as specialization, practice, and feedback from other users.


For advertising on the platform, advertisers have to pay all expenses in EYE tokens.


Research and development teams will be rewarded with EYE tokens for being active on the platform.


The team has already been working together on various projects for twenty years, an example of this is ORIGMED a, Lithuanian based company focusing on the development and production of new ophthalmic aids.

Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in information and communication technology and tech-based innovations
Certified Project Management Professional
Ph.D. in Business Management and Administration.

Entrepreneur with 19 years experience in the health industry.
Bachelor in business administration, Master in international business law and transnational law.

Entrepreneur with 18+ years in health, pharmaceutical, devices and ophthalmology industry.
Bachelor in sociology, Master in international and transnational law.

Information and communications entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the industry.
Bachelor in applied sciences, Master in mechanics

In addition to the four co-founders, there are 14  team members and 13 advisors. The team is diverse with competencies in all the necessary fields. Most of the team members have extensive experience and seem well qualified. Advisers include top names like Cezary Cieslukowski, who served as Vice Minister of Health in Poland.

Social Media Analysis

Followers: 3576
Average number of likes per post: 200
Average number of shares per post: 50-100 (quote retweets excluded)
Activity: 41 original posts last 30 days
Rating: Acceptable following, good activity and interactions from the community.

Followers: 3050
Average number of likes per post: 200-300
Average number of shares per post: ≈200-300
Activity: 45 posts last 30 days
Rating: Acceptable following, good activity and interactions from the community.

Members: 5475
User Activity: Low
Rating: Number of members is good, activity could be better.

Medium Blog
Followers: 2300
Activity: 9 posts last 30 days
Rating: Very good

It should be noted that the bounty program of the ICO is live, which affects the social media performance. This does not necessarily be negative though, as quality ICO projects attract many bounty hunters.

Positive Aspects


  • One platform for every participant in the industry. This brings benefits to every participant as it makes eye care more simple, practitioners can work more efficiently and researchers have a platform to share knowledge, collect data from experts all over the world.
  • Real-time collection of data will allow patients and ophthalmologist to manage, diagnose, supervise and treat eye diseases more efficiently.
  • Unique product with no direct competitors doing the same
  • Well written whitepaper
  • Well-qualified team that has a prolonged history of working together.
  • Good response from professionals in the fields shows that there is, in fact, a need for this kind of platform.
  • All unsold tokens will be locked and allocated for community rewards
  • Verified team
  • The company has a highly ethical vision, and several percentages of the token supply have been assigned to improve problems in third world countries.
  • The expenses for the eye health industry was 72 billion USD in 2017, and it is expected to grow to 160 billion in 2022. By adopting the cost-efficient Eyeglob platform, all participants in the ecosystem are expected to save a lot.
  • Research and Development teams can apply for funds from pharma and science companies to do clinical trials.

For Patients

  • Patients will receive more in-depth insight into their eye condition by sending daily eye health information, in addition to being rewarded for sharing the data.
  • Patients can reach the best eye therapists in the world.
  • Patients can apply to participate in research studies and get their needed surgeries funded by interested investors.
  • Patients can partly or wholly fund their medical expenses or eye surgery by providing useful data.

For Doctors

  • By receiving extensive daily eye health information, doctors will receive objective data to analyze, and they will have an easier time diagnosing patients and find the right solution. This efficient solution also has the potential of decreasing the cost of these services, as in often cases less extensive tests will be needed.
  • Saves both time and expenses by adopting an efficient patient manager
  • Can verify their qualifications on the blockchain.
  • Get updated on the newest breakthrough in their practice.
  • Practitioners get access to professional tools.
  • Mission doctors will be able to get online supervision when doing specific surgeries, efficiently raising the success rate of
    acute operations.

ICO Reviews

The project has received the following ratings by the top ICO rating platforms:

ICO Score: 5.0/5.0

Main Info: 10/10
Finance: 8.8/10
Product: 10/10
Team: 10/10
Marketing: 7/10
ICO Score: 9.2/10

Benchy (ICO analyzer bot): 3.8/5

ICO Profile: 7.7/10
Social Activity:8/10
Team Proof: 10/10
Domain Score: 3/10
ICO Score: 7.5/10


The pre-ICO started July 31 with a 50% bonus. 4 million USD has been allocated to the presale. At this time (7 days after presale launch) tokens for approximately 1.2 million USD has been sold.

The main sale is set to start mid-September, and the bonus structure here will be as follows; 40% bonus the first week, and then gradually decreasing 10% each week for the duration of five weeks.

The soft cap has been set to 2 million USD. A common occurence during the current bear market is that people avoid investing in ICO’s because a limited number ever reaches soft cap. Although this is a possibility with Eyeglobal, the company seems confident that they will achieve their goal soft cap, stating that they have enough friends to make it happen (source).

Pre-Sale: July 31 – August 15
Main Sale: September 18 – October 23
Soft Cap: 2 million USD
Hard Cap: 32-37 million USD (depending on how many bonus tokens are sold in the pre-ICO
Basic KYC for investments under $ 9000 (name, surname and phone number)
Extensive KYC for expenditures over $ 9000
Accepted currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Paypal and direct fiat transfer.
: Estonia


The rapid growth of demand for eye health services and a limited number of professionals globally is a big problem. Most spread diseases today are controllable, but not curable.

At first, the project seemed overly ambitious, but the deeper I went into the project, the more convinced I became.

The fact of the matter is that statistics prove that there is a rapid growth of demand in eye health services, yet the number of practicing eye doctors is decreasing.

By creating an efficient ecosystem for connecting the different actors in the industry, sharing of data and research, Eyeglob.Net has the potential to save billions.

It should be noted that this project is extensive, and contains a number of features that are unmentioned in this article.

Final Rating

  • Idea
  • Product
  • Team


The project is highly ambitious, and it is going to be challenging to convert a big enough userbase to the platform. The positive sides are that the project is supported by a well-qualified team, a highly unique product and a platform that is much needed in the industry (several experts in the industry have confirmed this).

Want to get a second opinion on the project? Check out our friend ICOshrimp’s review of the project here.

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