EWO place – Earn crypto from Real Estate

EWO place is a company that lets people earn a passive income from real estate with their native EWO token.

Many companies around the world have now begun to create blockchain + real estate solutions, aiming to break the traditional real estate investment system. The biggest disadvantage of traditional real estate investment is the high threshold and high risk. 

Many people who want to invest in real estate, especially the young, will simply look at the prospects of investing in a property with a sigh. They would have to take huge loans, and have to face the risk of falling property prices in itself. During these uncertain times, many would even have to risk going bankrupt if they can’t follow up on the loan payments.

Facing the huge global real estate market, do we have any way to get a slice of it without paying a huge cost?

Rent-like income on the blockchain

The motto of EWO Place is “Earn without Owning“. This kind of proxy property market can not only reward tokens holders, but also help the local community by allowing them to rent a property with better prices and conditions.

The EWO place website states that you can earn 11.9% APR with their first real estate subscription.

EWO place uses its own real estate to reward its users and help locals. This radical ”real estate approach” is likely to raise some eyebrows on the industry.

Check out the entertaining EWO rap video below to learn more about the vibe & concept of the project.

Rental income without property ?

EWO place utilizes a digital currency, the EWO token to let users keep a balance in the properties the company rents out and earn weekly interest. In the blockchain field, this practice is called “staking“-users stake tokens and regularly receive income. However, EWO place is different from other projects in that it uses the income obtained from its own properties to rewards users with cryptocurrency.

Stakers who stake (subscribe) tokens on one of the EWO real estate subscriptions are rewarded weekly. Since EWO place’s properties are based on this staking model, the company can list them at a rent below market levels. This helps tenants with a better living environment under fairer conditions.


EWO place offers crypto staking based on Real Estate.

Stake EWO tokens and earn rewards just like a savings account – but at 11.9%* without risky crypto loans or banks. 

Learn more about the project & the token by checking out the website or downloading the mobile app through the link below.

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