The first platform to gather data through wisdom of the crowds

Eventum Alpha – Data Gathering Through Wisdom of the Crowds

Eventum is a blockchain-based platform that gathers decentralized information through the wisdom of the crowds. The platform is currently in alpha, and they have already tested their concept on various use-cases.

Eventum has launched alpha events for several categories, including:

  • Live camera feed recognition
  • Counterfeit product detection
  • Car accident detection
  • Inappropriate content filtering
  • Fake news detection
  • Crypto scam detection

Check out the full lists of completed events here.

Why should one trust the wisdom of the crowd?

The opinion of a large group will in a lot of cases give a much more precise answer to a question then one single individual by himself. Wikipedia is an information platform, where thousands of participants are working to get the most accurate information as possible through the wisdom of the crowd.

Eventum’s algorithm will collect real-time data until there is reached a consensus among the participants.


The Eventum project was originally going to do a public ICO for their token that will be used on their platform to incentivize individuals to participate in analyzing data.
The public ICO got canceled. This is because during their ICO stage for private, strategic investors, they received overwhelming interest, and reached their soft-cap by multiple times, eliminating the need for a public ICO.
This was great news for the project, as these investors had a long-term interest in the project’s success could add value (partnerships, easier entry to relevant industries and advisory).

For those wishing to participate in the main token sale, this was not as pleasing. There is still a way to get a hold of tokens before they hit the exchanges though. That is by participating in Eventum Alpha or bounty events.

In Eventum Alpha, the team is testing different use cases for their platform, and you will get paid in both ETH and EVT tokens by participating.

To illustrate a couple of use cases of the platform, let us check out two recent events:

Counterfeit Product Detection
Recognize the fake products. In this event, participants were shown three products and had to find out which product was authentic/counterfeit.

Live camera Feed Recognition

Recognize objects, properties, and events in a live camera feed. In this event, the users watched a live traffic feed where they had to reach a consensus on traffic level, weather and road condition.

Read this post to learn how to join Eventum Alpha and participate in events.

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