Ethichub ICO Review – Earn & Impact The World By Lending

What EthicHub Does

This Spanish program was 2017’s winner of Blockchain4Humanity award edging out many other competitor financial blockchain projects. The company seeks to change the way things are done specifically by decentralizing international crowdlending.

EthicHub combines two technologies, blockchain and smart contracts, to revitalize crowdfunding while enhancing security and transparency. The main goal of the company is to connect small agricultural producers, as well as small business owners, in less developed countries to international lenders.

The targeted borrowers are mostly unbanked individuals. EthicHub seeks to provide affordable credit that’s offered at fairer and more reasonable interest rates. Investors, on the other hand, will get a chance to pick projects that they like or those that promise huge profits. On top of that, the investors, as part of their social responsibility, will have a chance to improve lives in many developing countries.

EthicHub is planning to add the following additional products and services as well:

  • Private investment
  • Institutional investment
  • Insurance marketing
  • Financing products
  • Data mining for business

Key Features to Help EthicHub Achieve Its Goals

  1. Blockchain Platform blockchain technology will connect borrowers from less developed countries with financial capital offered by investors from all over the world.
  2. Ethereum Network will guarantee access to smart contracts
  3. Fast and Safe Money Transfers made possible by blockchain technology
  4. Building Reliable Credit History using blockchain, EthicHub will help borrowers record their good financial discipline by helping them create and maintain a credit history.
  5. Human-Based Economics this project will build trust by using human-based economics that leverage on human relations and relational community assets
  6. Investor Protection– a portion of every loan will go to a guarantee fund that will protect investors in the event of default.

Core Principles of EthicHub

EthicHub seeks to improve credit access and offer investors with excellent opportunities in a way that humanizes international finance. The following principles will guide its operations:

  1. The company will only fund positive and productive projects.
  2. Smart contracts developed via blockchain will eliminate financial intermediaries to allow fast, safe and efficient transactions. It will also significantly reduce operating cost and improve overall profit margins.
  3. This unique platform will only charge fees when transactions are completed successfully.
  4. The company will be relying on strong communications, commitment and reference. Systematic risk assessment and evaluation will also be done for every project.

How Advanced Is EthicHub?

The company already has an MVP that’s open to lenders. Here’s the roadmap for EthicHub:

H1-2017– Concept development, concept validation, drafting the first white paper
H2-2017– Assembling the team, creating a landing page, prototyping, building a community

Q1-2018– Presale (sale of the first tokens), Lending Smart contracts used to fund the first projects
Q2-2018– Launching EthicHub Alpha, REP (Reputation Token) smart contracts developed
Q3-2018– ICO (second token sale), beginning of Ethix Token delivery, first exchange listing of the Ethix Token
Q4-2018– Conclude Ethix Token Delivery, inverse interest rates auctioned

Q1- 2019– Second country entry, positive impact scoring
Q2-2019– Creation of guarantee fund smart contracts, launch of the first local node training center
Q3- 2019–  Third token sale, launch of an automated investment system
Q4- 2019– Development of mobile apps, development of a policy for ethical defaulted debt collection

Q1-2020- Loan to a secondary market begins, conclusion of the founders vesting period
Q2-2020- Integration of a decentralized exchange system, currency exchange insurance
Q3- 2020– Entry into the 10th country, fourth token sale
Q4- 2020– Decentralized governance

Token Use and Appreciation

EthicHub will use tokens to facilitate currency transfer between investors and borrowers. This is expected to reduce overhead expenses and simplify system operations. EthicHub’s ICO will feature Ethic Token Sale in which stepped tokens will be sold based on the company’s growth and scalability. The tokens’ value will also appreciate as the company grows. The project has a working exchange system to convert the tokens into local currency and vice versa.

EthicHub Team

The team is a collection of business leaders and entrepreneurs including:

  • Jori Armbruster (founder and coordinator node) former Thisa He has a degree in marketing and a Master’s in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Pablo Chang (founder and Projects node)- an industrial and mechanical engineer. He also is the CEO and founder of Satori Koan, a loan and credit company serving over 8000 borrowers.
  • Raul Martinez (founder and technology node) an entrepreneur and software developer who also works at Samsung as a software engineer. He’s the co-founder and lead developer of a popular entertainment and event app called BarSpace.

This founding team is backed by a team of experts including Guillermo Escudero, Qijiong Jiang, Diego Pardilla, Javier Cantata and Inigo Molero.


EthicHub is such an ambitious and well-thought-out Idea that has already won recognizable awards.

The project has a well-defined plan to address the various challenges surrounding scalability, growth and interconnectivity in blockchain projects.

The team is a perfect blend of entrepreneurs, technical and business-minded individuals that are well-placed to steer the company to success.


Adoption of the project by low-income borrowers may be slow due to financial and technological constraints.

Bitconnect was a huge lending project that failed and died. The company must come up with intuitive solutions to make it flourish in the lending ecosystem.

Ethichub ICO Rating

  • Team
  • Product
  • Market
  • Community support
  • Communication


Overall EthicHub offers good flipping potential. The idea, its token metric and infrastructure are quite favourable in the current market. It, however, is rather difficult to gauge its long-term potential given that borrower uptake and investor trends are yet to be determined.

Project Summary

Project name: EthicHub
Token symbol: Ethix
Hard cap: 2000 ETH
Conversion rate: 1 ETH = 5000 Ethix
Countries excluded: USA
Timeline: sale starts 1300hrs UTC 8th Feb 2018. Sale ends 1300hrs 9th Mar 2018.

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