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Energy Premier (EPC) ICO – Electrical Bidding Platform

Energy Premier is a portal for power trading that utilizes blockchain for all transactions. Their intention is to create a transparent trading platform, which may also lower prices as it becomes an intermediary less during the transaction.

Project Overview

With Energy Premier you can now trade electricity in a free market, where you or a bot decides how to trade. In this way, the power market becomes a business for everyone. On their platform, the transactions are made in the form of the EPC token, which will now be issued under a token issue. Their pre-sale was recently completed, while the actual main sale opened in 51 days, as of today (September 21). This is viewed as the future of power trading, and is also faster, cheaper and safer.

The current trade industry is not transparent and we do not get an insight into what the market really looks like. Today companies are easily outperformed to keep prices the same when a decentralized market is available. This can push prices to the actual value, essentially the monopoly on this many places in the world. You have the opportunity to trade electricity and make money on the price changes that are made on the market. The main sale of Energy Premier starts in September and ends in October.

How does it work?

EPC Token

A total of 120 billion tokens will be distributed in the total sales of a total of 200 billion. Their hard-cap is 34.050,000 US dollars. The scope of the EPC token will come from the beginning of 2019. The EPC token will be associated with a special smart deal for power trading that will confirm the contract’s use and will set the rules between power sellers and customers. There are several parts that make sure that this ecosystem is running around, like power sellers, miners, consumers, etc. The model of the action process can be seen under.

Learn more about the project

For more information about the project, the product and the team behind, check out their website here and read the whitepaper here.

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