Emmares ICO – Revolutionary Platform for Email

What is Emmares?

Emmares creates a new platform for ranking e-mail addresses with Quality Score and Quality Ranking. With this technology, email junk could become obsolete.

By taking part in Emmare’s system, marketers will get a chance to reach the right audience. The content may then be reviewed by users to reduce the possibility of fraud and offensive content. Those who evaluate the content will be rewarded with Emmares own token, which can be exchanged for several (also decentralized) exchange services in the future. The company behind this project has created a unique way of encouraging publishers to provide good and secure content.

How does it work? – In a Nutshell

As a publisher, you collect ratings from the people in your audience considering your content. In this way, you build your skills in a transparent way that can give you many new opportunities in the future. As mentioned earlier, by participating in Emmare’s society, you will be able to get the tokens in return to evaluate email content. This is one of many ways to work as a freelancer, in a completely transparent system, without any intermediary who takes crucial fees. With the tokens you receive, you also have the opportunity to own your own pool, if you are both a developer and evaluator.

In short, the platform will

1. Effectively reduce spam.

2. Find an easier way to reach the right audience (legitimate),

3. Quality control for content.

4. Reward users for content assessment.


The project is now running for a Coin Issue (ICO). The public sale started on May 5th and will continue until 5. September (or until hard cap is reached).

The minimum fundraising goal for the ICO is 2,000 ETH, and the hard cap is 35,000 ETH. To receive this type of token you need to have an ERC-20 compatible wallet, such as MyEtherWallet. Minimum investment in public sales is 0.1 ETH.


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