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Tokenbooster – The Best Bounty Platform for Free Tokens?


In the vast world of Cryptocurrency, opportunities to earn exists in different forms. Smart individuals have learned different ways of taking advantage of the crypto rush and earn tokens for themselves. One of the increasingly common ways of earning tokens is through space projects. A space project is essentially a Pre-ICO or Post-ICO project that allows you to earn bounties by completing simple actions like sharing or following ICO projects on social media platforms. Bounty hunting can be profitable, however finding the right bounties to work might require a hunt on its own. This is where a platform like TokenBooster comes in.

What is TokenBooster

TokenBooster is a non-centralised bounty network which enables users to create and manage space projects. What this means is that users can w0rk with bounty programs like referral programs, translation tasks, content creation, and social media tasks. This at the same time creates an array of opportunity for anyone seeking income online an accessible platform to find crypto projects where one can complete and earn tokens on completion of these bounties. It is essentially the ultimate hub where users interested in earning tokens from crypto projects can find interesting projects to complete and earn from.

How is this good news?

Asides the fact that you get access to countless bounty programs you can earn from, one of the many advantages of completing projects on TokenBooster is the fact that you don’t have to worry about scam projects. Every space project on the TokenBooster platform is verified to be scam free. Each brand posting projects on the platform are individually contacted and requested to verify their authenticity. Also, every transaction on the network is secure as it is processed and verified through an SSL/TLS certificate.

Ways to earn on TokenBooster

Earn through Space missions

There are countless projects already listed and active on TokenBooster. This means that all you need to do to start earning rewards is to simply register on the platform, add your social media accounts and check for the active projects in progress. Once you find a preferred space project, you can get down to completing the missions, and you earn your rewards on completion.

Every mission you complete on TokenBooster (Space Mission) is a bounty action and each action has its own assigned token value. The token value and currency you earn from each mission are determined the brand managing the project. Once you complete the required action and it is verified, your earned token is added to your wallet. However, you will only be able to withdraw your tokens after a period of time known as the lock period. The brand determines the length of this period. This is to ensure that the user does not cancel the completed action immediately.

After the lock period, the user will need to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure for verification of identity after which the token earned can be withdrawn and transferred to the user’s preferred address.

Earn through Referrals

Another way users on TokenBooster can earn tokens is through referral. Every participant on the platform is assigned a personalized referral link and they can earn tokens when this link is shared with their friends, family, and colleagues online.

For every token action the referred party completes, the referrer will earn 10% of its value after the referrer has completed his/her KYC verification. The referrer reward is however awarded in ETH. Referral links can be sent on forums, social media platforms, via email and so on and it will direct the new user to the TokenBooster homepage for them to register and start earning too. Links can also be included in articles, reviews or blog posts or on YouTube videos as well.

Earn through Competitions

You can also earn on TokenBooster though their competition. Users who participate in the competition stand a chance of winning free FDZ tokens for being among the top-ranked referrers no the platform. Users will be ranked based on the number of people they refer and will be rewarded based on their position in the rankings. The top 10 most influential referrers will be rewarded proportionally based on their position.

Are there things you should be concerned about?

As mentioned, your transactions on the TokenBooster platform is secured and missions on the platform are verified for authenticity so you never have to worry about scam projects. Asides being secure for transactions; your privacy is also secure when you use TokenBooster. All data collected in the process of using the platform is only used for the purpose of providing services you have signed up for and for sending information to you. Thus you don’t have to worry about your personal data being revealed to a third party or being used for other purposes.

In essence what you get with TokenBooster is an active and secure platform where you earn tokens freely from the long list of missions available for you to complete. TokenBooster is powered by Friendz, a fast-growing reward-based blockchain community

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