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Dinngo ICO – Hybrid Digital Currency Trading Platform

About the Dinngo Exchange

Dingo is an exchange that is changing the way digital currencies are traded. The platform’s cold wallet integrates with the exchange making it possible to trade conveniently, fast and safely. The hybrid exchange has a decentralized structure that facilitates the control of funds and hosts a database for matching transactions. The user is able to enjoy the benefits of a decentralized and centralized exchange with Dinngo.

The platform has a two-step verification process that appears as follows:

Figure 1: Two-Step Verification Process

People have begun investing in cryptocurrency because knowledge has become popularized. As the number of such traders continues to increase, trading volumes will also grow. Dinngo exists to serve this market. The platform is able to generate quick matches relying on a smart transaction engine. Consequently, the platform optimizes the allocation of assets in an efficient and safe environment.

The Problem

There is a growing demand for exchanges to meet the needs in digital currency trading. Even the existing exchanges have to handle the issue of security. People have been relying on banks for ages and they are used to having deposit insurances that protect their assets. With centralized exchanges for digital currencies, hacking has been a significant threat leading to a loss of assets for many innocent users. These cybercrimes have not resulted in universal laws, and so they undermine the confidence of the public in centralized exchanges.

Secondly, the existing exchanges often concentrate on ensuring security at the expense of user experience. Their structures resemble those of banks, which translates to hours of waiting for a transaction to go through. Even the decentralized exchanges that have distributed risk have the same problem as the challenge lies in teaching users how to hold assets without compromising safety.

Furthermore, customer service is another thorn in the flesh. Staff is not able to keep up with the growth in the businesses meaning that they are not efficient. Questions, for example, are not able to be answered adequately.

What is more, the processes of exploring new models for doing business mean that few exchanges carry out activities for compliance. These exchanges can then operate in ‘gray areas’ leaving nothing to protect the user should legal issues arise. Couple these issues with the fact that information on the internet is shared without borders so that exchanges are not constrained by regional regulations, and you have an outcry in the industry.

The solution

Dinngo exists to solve the above-raised issues in the industry. The biggest safety concern in other exchanges revolves around centralized custody. Dinngo decentralizes the structure to allow the users to hold their own assets. The generated records cannot be changed retroactively, giving the platform protection from malicious attacks. Dinngo also works as a medium between offline storage and users through the integration of cold wallets.

As exchanges try to walk the line between user experience and security, Dinngo tows it perfectly. Besides the platform’s decentralized approach, Dinngo has made matching engines based on smart contracts a possibility. The customized trading interface makes it possible for every user to enjoy the perks of design. Besides, there is the integration hardware wallets that can work offline, supporting a variety of wallets.

To solve the issue of customer service, Dinngo has a smart transaction matching engine that can pair users passively. It can tell apart transactions to only complete those that match. Thereafter, the user can sell their remaining assets as they please. The company has also invested resources in making sure that customer service is the best it can be. To this end, the platform lists standards for customer support that includes follow-up confirmations and status updates at the end of the day for every unresolved issue.

To help both the professional and the newbies, Dinngo’s trading interface has different items that users can combine to match the information they want and eliminate interferences. Novices can pick default modules while professionals have the option of picking the advanced trading module.  The platform will comply with the U.S market regulation and provide international support in its website interface.

The benefits

Dinngo gives the user the following benefits:

  • A customized interface

With this, you can easily and for free, combine information and match it with what you want to see on your screen. You can do away with any interference by highlighting only that which you need.

  • Zero middlemen

As a user, your digital assets are under your control. You no longer need to rely on centralized intermediaries to keep your money.

  • Safety

One advantage of decentralization is the independence of user accounts and so they are self-secured. Dinngo has gone further to introduce cold wallets that make the platform even more secure. Dinngo has also made it impossible to work as a platform without compliance.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Dinngo has an off-chain mechanism that prevents wastage of gas. It is just the orders that match that will be sent on-chain meaning that the platform will save on gas.

  • A responsive customer support

Dinngo has made it that there is a frontline team to support should any problem arise.


The native token of the exchange is DGO. The utility token is used for transactions across the platform. The company expects that the token will mainly be used to pay transaction fees and remunerating merchants. If the exchange performs as expected, it will be a welcome relief for investors all over.

Further reading

Website: https://dinngo.co/

Whitepaper: https://about.dinngo.co/whitepaper

Author: Gustafio – 0x6671219099eA6CCC75Eb3f4f4200D46A97b09a19

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