dexage exchange free tokens

Dexage Exchange Airdrop Worth $33 – Created by the CEO of Nigerias Top Crypto Exchange

Dexage Decentralized exchange

Dexage is a decentralized exchange that is going to offer a number of innovative features, including a P2P escrow lending platform and a P2P Marketplace. The founder is the CEO of the Nigeran exchange Ngexchanger, which is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in Nigeria.

Airdrop Info

Estimated value: 0.15 ETH / $33
Token type: Ethereum ERC-20 Token
Time to complete: 1 minute
Rating: 4/5

Airdrop Instructions

  1. Join Telegram group and like on Facebook & Twitter
  2. Submit your information here
  3. Confirm your entry by email
  4. Optional – Earn 0.025 ETH for each referred member

Important note:

In the submission field, do NOT add @ or link for telegram/facebook/twitter handle.