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DeStream ICO Review: Decentralized Financial Ecosystem for Streamers


The internet has revolutionized business. It has introduced sources of entertainment that could only be dreamt of a few years ago. One such source is online streaming, a practice that has earned the right to be called a culture on its own. During the World Cup, research shows millions of people who wanted to stream the games but were unable to. At the same time, during the first 20 games, 393 streaming attempts were successful. All the successful attempts interacted with 6.9 billion minutes of the games across more than 50 million unique streaming applications, shows research.

Pew Research Center, in another study, found that 61% of people aged between 19 and 29 in the U.S consume television content mainly through streaming. The survey, looking to show how applications and the internet have changed the pathways to access media for people and the type of content, found that even the elderly, who still used cable TV were open to new solutions.

Millions of people consume content through streaming platforms like Mixer, Afreeca.TV, YouTube, and Twitch. Content creators have jumped on the trend, directing a lot of their traffic to watch them live. Now, hundreds of online entertainers are making their money from online streaming activities, expanding the content catalog across niches and industries by day.

Subsequently, the economy around streaming platforms has continued to grow. Part of that economy includes donations, a trend first popularized by There, fans would donate during live sessions from as little as $1 to as much as the viewer wanted. Recently, platforms like Instagram and Facebook have expanded their capabilities to add live-streaming features. A report by the Business Insider showed that this trend in all likelihood will continue to grow. As of 2016, 33% of all internet traffic was from online streaming.

The state of current streaming solutions

While people spend more than six hours online in a week either through their desktops or smartphones, research shows that the trend could start going downhill. Most consumers who subscribe to video services find themselves having to cancel due to the costs attached. What is more, these prices are continually on the rise as platforms bid against one another for an audience.

Besides, live streaming has become a profession. The streamer makes a living from subscriptions, promotions on platforms, donations, selling goods, and advertising.

At the time being, commission fees on streaming platforms go as high as 10%.

Enter DeStream

DeStream aims at providing a global blockchain solution for online streaming. The idea is for the company to help the streamer become more productive and to diversify their online activities. According to the website, the team says, ‘our platform is innovative. It will reduce the attached fees by more than 200%.’ DeStream will not be a streaming platform, however.

Decentralization will help the platform to remove payment systems, thereby making access to content more efficient, while at the same time reducing how much it costs. The creator will be able to concentrate on creating content as opposed to the operational activities, thereby improving their quality of work.

How DeStream works

The platform will have a unique structure that will allow viewers to interact. There will be one financial tool for donating and paying for services within the platform. The single gateway will accept any cryptocurrency and convert it to the available currency. The tool will allow for uniform rules for withdrawing and making deposits, allowing all users to get the same commission. There will be zero restrictions.

DeStream platform will also offer an advertising channel with analytics tools so that advertisers will get to target viewers. Smart contract technology will enable that a viewer makes a donation for a service available on the catalog. As a result, there will be transparency in the entire process.

DeStream Tokens

Generally, cryptographic tokens only derive value from capitalization. The company is looking to spend 20% of the money they get to secure Tokens and to transfer them in fiat. During the transfer, the company will be accepting tokens from users and giving them fiat. They will then sell the tokens for money, a process commonly used by banks to sell currency.

The company also looks to keep their money within their economy using banking system mechanisms. The idea is to build loyalty and to secure the platform. One token will rely on a fork in the blockchain that has a modified consensus to be released. All tokens that are not sold will be kept for mining rewards as per consensus.

DST tokens are utility tokens. The tokens will be useful for making donations, paying platform fees, buying digital goods and receiving advertiser payments. They may also be used to buy goods in affiliate shops and to access data analytics, in addition to the internal person to person interactions.

A total of 6 000 000 000 DST will be released, and 60% of them are sold to investors in the ICO. 1DST token has a value of $0.006.

Benefits of using DeStream

  • Decreased transaction costs

The platform will be based on blockchain technology making it able to reduce cost from 10% to 0.77%. This price will be lower than any other streaming systems. What is more, the platform will have no restrictions meaning that every person gets to pay the same amounts no matter what currency they are using.

  • Free marketplace

The DeStream marketplace empowers streamers to buy and sell new and customized merchandise. The user, on the other hand, will get a unified payment solution. They will not have to think of making withdrawals since relevant goods will be made available there.

  • Security

Pre-configured smart contracts will regulate the platform. These will regulate how streamers, viewers, and advertisers interact, making their partnerships much more likely to be successful. For example, transactions will be followed promptly.


At the moment, there are no utilitarian and financial streaming platforms where viewers can do all they need without having to change sites. In that regard, DeStream owns the first entry to the market advantage that it can leverage to win an audience. However, the team will have to do much to let would be users and investors know that theirs is an ecosystem. As such, it would not be in competition with platforms like YouTube and Twitch. As it is, that is one of the most common questions on their social media handles.

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