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Deconet Airdrop – Earn 50 Shares (1 Minute)

About Deconet

Deconet brands their platform as a “marketplace for code.” Here, developers and buyers of code can efficiently interact in an automated system. If you have developed valuable code, you can sell it on the Deconet marketplace and earn a passive income.

Why Do We Believe This Token Will Become valuable?

The project is developed by a top-tier team, and the project has already partnered up with many renowned actors in the crypto space, like Aeternity, Wanchain, and Komodo.

Deconet Airdrop – How to Join

  1. Sign up to the platform here.
  2. Join the Deconet telegram group and submit your telegram handle on the Deconet dashboard.
  3. Add your ERC-20 wallet address.
  4. You will receive 50 shares.
  5. (Optional) Invite users to the platform to earn additional stakes (50 stakers per invited member).