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Decoin Exchange Review –Revenue Sharing Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Decoin is a crypto exchange and profit sharing exchange token that was launched in 2019 after successfully raising over 5 million USD in their ICO. This is our review of the Decoin exchange.

Typical cryptocurrency platforms aren’t known to share revenue with coin holders. They provide pretty basic services such as an ecosystem where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies and altcoins. All this is about to change with the emergence of Decoin. Decoin is a unique trading platform that will offer redistributed revenue to coin holders thanks to its inherent architecture.

How the Decoin architecture works & its unique selling point

Decoin is a decentralized, open source digital ecosystem which is sure to make waves in the cryptocurrency exchange market. The unique selling point of Decoin architecture apart from revenue sharing is the very innovative use of an algorithm called POS Consensus or Proof of Stake. It entails coin holders minting/ staking Decoins in their online wallet. The coin holders will thus become eligible for a fixed interest rate per year corresponding to the number of Decoins they hold.

Coin holders will also enjoy their share of transactions fees from the D-TEP platform rendering them immune from the crypto market fluctuations. Other extremely potent features of using POS algorithm protocol is that it provides unparalleled security, circumvents the need for expensive hardware for mining and saves a lot of energy during mining operation.

D-TEP credit cards ensuring swift liquidity

Liquidity remains the most difficult hurdle for cryptocurrencies. Financial institutions such as banks are not readily accept cryptocurrencies for transactions. Considering this obstacle, Decoin has developed the aforementioned online wallet. This wallet enables D-TEP credit card holders to spend their digital currency anytime and anywhere just like a normal credit card.

D-TEP credit cards are available in 5 types varying on the benefits and depending on the amount invested in Decoin. The cards are:

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Initial coin offering

Decoin is scheduled to go live in Q4 of this year. It will be a momentous occasion for the investors and stakeholders as it will also mark the launch of the online wallet and completion of the initial coin offering.

Other salient features of Decoin platform:

Unparalleled Security via decentralization

In order to provide unmatched security, Decoin only stores a total of 3% of coins online. The rest are stored in an offline undisclosed location completely off the grid.

Multilingual Support and 24/7 availability

In order to provide continuous support to people hailing from different regions of the globe, multilingual support centers are set up by Decoin which will operate on 24/7 basis. These centers will also ensure smooth transitioning to cryptocurrency for newcomers and provide information customized as per client’s requirements.

D-TEP crypto Index (DCI)

Decoin analysts will be providing their users with insight into various Blockchain projects. The insight will consist of detailed financial analysis on the profitability and investment worthiness of these ventures. Decoin plans to expand their investment to different mainstream niches also in the future. Companies chosen to be a part of this index will be exchanging their coins for Decoins.

User friendly Interface and open API

Most cryptocurrency exchange platform overburden their users with influx of information which may not be relevant for them and might be difficult to decipher. Decoins interface is specially designed to be straightforward and concise for both veteran traders and newcomers to the platform. Being open source its API is available for customization by affiliates and traders.

Decoin Team:

Decoin is the brainchild of a veteran team of Fintech experts. Among its ranks are professional traders, algorithm analysts and financial professionals with years of experience on their portfolios.

Decoin compared to other cryptocurrency platforms at a glance:

DecoinOther platforms
Short block time (60 seconds) assures swift transactions and tradingDelayed trading is a thing of the norm due to long block time
Only platform to share exchange profits with all its coin holdersNo such profit sharing structure
High liquidity of coins from anywhere anytimeLiquidity of coins is cumbersome, users face geographical restrictions
Almost immune to intrusion and ‘harvesting’ of funds by hackers due to 97% of funds stored in off grid cold storageProne to intrusions and loss of assets due to funds mostly being online
User anonymity assured as transactions don’t require dispensing personal informationUser identity is required for verification and transactions

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