CSSA Token docks with NFT, creating unlimited opportunities for creators and investors from all parties

In the past year, artists, singers, clubs and famous brands have all rushed to issue NFTs (Non-fungible tokens, NFTs), regardless of their fame The very high CSSA Token is also among them. Just as the world suddenly became fascinated by digital art, the question of “Can investing in NFT really make money?” began to appear. Before that, you must first understand what you are really buying.

NFT is to put specific objects on the blockchain through encryption. These virtual products have unique characteristics and are in line with the rarity of the items in the market. Therefore, whether artworks, sound files, or even a tweet text can be digitized to allow them to have an ID card, which is why NFT inspires the investment boom.

This wave of encrypted art has risen rapidly, and the profits that can be made are also considerable, so it attracts creators from all walks of life, including Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, who recently launched 108 “sunflowers” at OpenSea; NBA star LeBron. LeBron James’s slam dunk film in just a few seconds was sold for as much as US$200,000 (about NT$5.57 million) for NFT; Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey issued the “First Tweet in History” in 2006 “It was also sold for more than US$2.91 million in the form of NFT in March this year. Therefore, from a financial point of view, NFT can be regarded as a highly rare blockchain collectible.

Paul Brody, head of Ernst & Young’s global blockchain, said, “From tweets to animated images to videos, people will soon discover that the seemingly limited editions are in fact infinite supply, so the vision of selecting NFT artworks is the most important. “In the long run, NFT trading will become the norm, and CSSA Token, as a platform for linking NFTs, will occupy a place in this emerging market.

With the recent weakness of cryptocurrencies, the NFT market has also shown signs of cooling. Therefore, there is a general consensus in the crypto market. The current situation is like a hangover after a mania, it is the best time to invest.

For creators and the market, NFT as an emerging investment target contains unlimited opportunities. The CSSA Token team stated that through network connection and market topic hype, it will be able to effectively consolidate the application and push NFT to a new height.

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