Cryptrade automates Profitable Crypto Trading Strategies with Game-Changing Filters

Cryptrade is an intuitive automated crypto trading platform. Rather than take control away from traders, Cryptrade gives traders more options, giving them greater control over their crypto finances than ever before.

Despite Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being well over a decade old, centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges are still too complicated for retail traders and don’t emphasize user control. In contrast, Cryptrade’s ease of use and automated strategies makes it possible for anyone to invest in cryptocurrencies regardless of skill level.

In the third fiscal quarter of 2020, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, posted its largest-ever spot trading volume (yes, even higher than the heady Q4 2017 bull market). The high spot trading volume shows that even without Bitcoin breaking new highs, the market has entered a mature phase wherein traders are exploring more digital assets in novel ways.

Cryptrade is perfectly poised to help traders, investors, and the crypto curious gain exposure to the world’s most exciting digital asset class.

Want to know how?

The simplified Cryptrade Trading Platform introduces a raft of filters to automatically execute successful trading strategies using presets and customization. Trading filters begin generally, allowing you to whittle your trade down to its most specific and potentially profitable form by quickly toggling trade settings. Amongst the myriad preset filters available for customization are:

Trading Filters: Fix price, Holding Period, Lower Price (Percent Change), Lower Price (Price Change), Percent Change, Price (Percent Change), Price Change, Percent (Price Change).

Each of these filters is powerful on its own and gives extended functionality over the basic

features embedded in most exchanges. Speaking of exchanges, Cryptrade is compatible with the world’s best cryptocurrency exchanges, including:

Compatible Exchanges: Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex, Huobi, Kraken, OKEx and Bitpanda are supported for now. Cryptrade extends the functionality of even the best exchanges, making them even better.

Savings: Not everyone wants to buy a bitcoin on his highest price. As such, Cryptrade offers its own savings plans for exchanges. Using Cryptrade Savings, you can make automated investments in cryptocurrencies set at regular intervals. Creating your savings account takes only a few clicks with Cryptrade. Define the buy volume and amount limit along with the duration of the savings period. Once set, your Cryptrade Savings plan will accumulate cryptocurrencies on your preferred exchange, or across several exchanges.

While the benefits of dollar-cost average savings are well known, effectively deploying a DCA strategy requires a bit of know-how. Using Cryptrade allows you to sidestep the technical aspects of successful dollar-cost averaging, getting you straight to the business end.

Reports: Cryptrade takes the mystery out of your cryptocurrency trading, saving, and investing activities by adding a layer of organized transparency.

No matter how many trades you make at various cryptocurrency exchanges, Cryptrade tracks them all and keeps them organized, filterable, and ready to export.

All of your activity is instantly viewable in your personal Cryptrade Dashboard, making it easier than ever to report your activities come tax time, or view them on another device.

Free Trial: There’s nothing like being happy with a product before you pay for it. That’s why Cryptrade offers a free trial period, allowing you to experience the best of the platform before committing.

For the market launch, Cryptrade has come up with a special offer for all new customers. Instead of the actual 30-day trial period, the test phase was doubled for now. Become a member of Cryptrade until the end of the year and use the service full 2 ​​months for free.

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