Cryptocurrency will enter the Mainstream: A Look at Las Vegas

The line between get-rich-quick schemes and utopian visions tends to be fuzzy and nowhere can this be seen well than with cryptocurrencies. Several projects have been shut down by regulators, and others have been criticized for seeking to take advantage of unwitting users. No wonder cryptocurrency adoption in the mainstream was an elusive dream for the past ten years after the launch of bitcoin. Projects were created that failed to see the kind of global adoption they set out to get.

However, the crypto world has made considerable progress towards widely adopted mainstream applications. One of the main factors industry players have had to address is usability. How can cryptocurrency be simplified in its applications to make it easier to invest in and use?

There is no better place to zoom in on this progress than in the ultimate adult’s playground, Las Vegas. Otherwise dubbed Sin City, Las Vegas attracts people from all over the world, providing an excellent place for crypto investments, and indeed, the city has seen many.

Hotel and retail adoption

Las Vegas has quickly become known as the place to spend crypto on something you want. Last year, the entrepreneur Peter Klamka founded MORE Las Vegas, the first crypto nightclub. Holders of the MORE coin are ‘members’ of the club, and they get access, VIP service and private sitting in the Casino’s Hyde room and the Bellagio Hotel. You can trade coins with Bittrex, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

The MORE coin can be used in making tangible purchases like dinners, tickets, and hotel rooms inside or even outside the club to do things like renting cars.

Before then, Klamka had incorporated crypto through The Legends Room where patrons could pay dancers using temporary tattoos of crypto QR codes.

Cryptofriendly establishments are the future of partying and traveling. Las Vegas hotels have also begun to introduce crypto into their operations. The D, for example, and the Golden Gate, accept bitcoin as a form of payment for hotel reservations and dining.

Other hotels like the Rocket Fizz and Ketchup Burger Bar have bitcoin ATMs. Overall, Bitcoin still has a niche interest, but global hype and a rise in value are placing it in the mainstream charter.

Cryptocurrency and tech events

Alongside the real-life uses, events talking about cryptocurrency are likely to create more hype, and there are many happening in Las Vegas.

CryptoBlockCon is a blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in Sin City where experts meet to talk about the possibilities of blockchain and future benefits. Companies get an opportunity to showcase their applications and how they deal with issues like transparency and security. Attendees get to learn how to leverage blockchain technology in their businesses.

EVOLV also plans to host WCC (world crypto conference) in the cosmopolitan during the Vegas Blockchain week which will be an extension of WCC. Executives, professionals, and enthusiasts from global companies dealing with the blockchain will be discussing topics pressing the industry.

Other events include the CES and Vegas Blockchain Week.


The move towards mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is gradual. Even so, the momentum of the industry continues unabated, driven by investor optimism. Examples of cryptocurrencies working in real life will help to boost consumer optimism. They will increase interest from enterprise businesses and institutional investors, leading to mainstream adoption