Cryptocurrency in the news – Week 36

A summary of the most interesting cryptocurrency news from the last few days that have been

Bitcoin has maintained a price well over $ 7000 last week. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is up to $ 7370. The market, in general, has been very strong, with most currencies having had an increase in price. The most significant increases have been for Bitcoin Cash by 40%, and Dogecoin with an approximately 50% increase.

The crypto market’s sentiment has been strong last week, where several major news has helped lift the crypto market. One of the most reputable news is Yahoo Finance’s launch of cryptographic trading on their platform. Bitcoin dominance is now 55% and has increased gradually over the last 3 weeks.

Here are some of the current news this week, along with suitable reading material.

Did you read the article American investors can now buy Bitcoin on the stock exchange?

China can block more than 120 foreign crypto exchanges.

In one of the most significant regulatory features made in the cryptocurrency space to date, China has announced that they will block more than 120 foreign crypto exchanges from doing business in the country. Read more about it here!

Yahoo Finance launches crypto on their platform!

Yahoo, the Internet’s major boss in the 2000s, and now the world’s most popular financial news site, has quietly added the opportunity to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Read more about how to buy crypto through Yahoo Finance here!

Ethereum’s new update can be blockchains biggest test so far.

Making things more complex is a common thing in blockchain, and it is often necessary. With a hard time-limit for updating, the situation is difficult, and if the situation is left untouched, it will potentially make ethereums blocks less time-efficient to mine. Read more about the situation and update here!

Here’s why crypto-lending platforms are the future of FinTech.

Cryptically-supported loan platforms quickly get traction on the market, and this report looks at the top ten most promising platforms out there, considering the strengths and weaknesses of each. Read more about the report here!

The crypto market’s addiction to Tether is a recipe for disaster.

Despite the many claims that Tether (TUSD) was used to maintain the price of Bitcoin, little efforts have been made to reduce the threat potentially above the crypto market. Something that could potentially lead to a collapse throughout the market. Read more about Tether here!

CryptoCoinDude – What does the future of BTC look like?

The renowned cryptocurrency blog CryptoCoinDude published an article explaining his vision of Bitcoins future. He points out that this is the phase where the financial elite invests, and that this might be the most significant opportunity we have to accumulate Bitcoin before the price skyrockets again, which history has shown happens time after time. Read the full article here!

JP Morgan is wearing a thin thread when it comes to blockchain and crypto.

Despite the fact that the CEO conveyed crypto as a fraud last year, Jp Morgan has taken preliminary steps to explore blockchain applications for his own business and possible future cryptographic products. Read more about the statements here!