Cryptocurrency in the news – Week 35

There has been much turmoil in the crypto market last week. ProShares’s application to establish a listed index fund (ETF) was not approved by the SEC, and China has announced that it excludes crypto related events.

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One would then think that the market had a negative impact as a result of this, but it does not seem to be the case. Many altcoins have risen a lot in recent days, and Bitcoin now stands at a price of $ 7030, from the lowest rate of $ 6340 this week. Bitcoin dominance continues to grow, reaching around 53%.

Here are some of the current news this week, along with good reading material.

SEC denied 9 cryptocurrency ETFs this week.

Read more about who here!

China has now banned all cryptocurrency related events.

Read more about it here!

The World Bank is making a blockchain based debt letter of $ 73M

Read more about it here!

Apple co-creator joins crypto startup and praises blockchain

Apple co-worker Stewe Wozniak discussed his involvement in a new cryptostartup company and what his interests are in blockchain. See the interview at NullTX here!

Server-Free solutions and blockchain – Interview with Coinbase developer

Interesting interview with Coinbase’s vice president Tim Wagner. He explains how his company helps create true cloud-based and server-free solutions for blockbeds. Read more about it here!

Venezuela has officially removed Bolivar currency, and now uses a petro-supported crypto currency

The South American nation had devalued its own currency by 95%, and is now following to Petro, which is the state’s oil-subsidized crypto currency, to try to prevent hyperinflation once more. Read more about it here!