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Cryptocurrency in the News – Week 34

A summary of the top cryptocurrency news from the last few days

In the wake of the US Federal Securities Depository (SEC), its decision to postpone regulations around listed mutual funds (ETFs) until September 30, the crypto market has been very volatile.

According to, week 33 opened negative for all of the 10 largest crypt currencies, followed by a gradual increase from Tuesday and beyond the week. The total market value of the crypto market opened the week with a total value of $ 214 million and ended the week marginally stronger with a total value of $ 217 million.

Week 34 preceding the decision on ProShares ETF proposals led to great volatility this week.

Here are some of the news that has been relevant last week along with suitable reading material

The SEC declined the proposal from ProShares ETF

Perhaps not overwhelming to many, but now the SEC has rejected the proposal from ProShares ETF. Read more about this here!

Binance has just launched a “fiat-to-crypto” stock exchange in Lichtenstein

Børsen, a joint venture between Binance and the Liechtenstein Crypto Assets Exchange (LCX), represents the first major movements of the small European country in its attempt to drive crypto innovation within its borders. Read more about this here!

Coinbase reinforces its digital identity with its latest acquisition

With its recent acquisition of the Distributed System, Coinbase has integrated an internal organization focused exclusively on digital identity, and plans to develop more products within the field in the future. Read more about it here!

Meet the man who solved Bitcoin’s most notorious heist

This excellent piece from the Wall Street Journal describes how software engineer Kim Nilsson helped solve the infamous Mt Gox heist, and managed to rescue a portion of the millions of funds that disappeared from the exchange. Read more about it here!

An overview of the privacy of the cryptocurrencies

This is an excellent overview of various privacy-focused crypto tags on the market today and how each of them fits into the crypto ecosystem – from Monero to Ethereum-based projects like Zether. Learn more about it here!

Bitmain is gradually getting closer to $ 10 billion in revenue this year

The mining giant of Bitcoin is continuing its rapid growth, and this year it is expected that the company will break more than $ 10 billion in revenue – even considering the significant decline in the crypto market in recent months. Learn more about it here!