Cryptocurrency and its effect on GPU manufacturers

GPU manufacturers witnessed increased sales last year because the rising value of cryptocurrencies during the second half of 2017 led more demand for graphics cards by miners. Between mid-2017 to 2018, the market prices of few high-end graphics cards have raised to almost double. The major consumers of the graphics card industry have been gamers who witnessed a hard time to purchase such cards at inflated prices during the crypto boom period.


However, there is no such mechanism to actually know what percentage of such graphics cards are being bought by crypto miners and how much is bought by gamers. But the increased demand for such cards anyways leads to an increased price as the basic supply-demand rule of market applies here too. Though, some experts predict that 10 to 15 percent of buyers of such graphics cards are miners.


The fall in cryptocurrency price has a direct effect on the sale of graphics cards too. It is predicted that if cryptocurrency prices witness a sharp fall, then it will lead to many crypto miners to sell their graphics cards in the secondary market which will prove beneficial for gamers as they can get such cards at lower cost. However, it will be negative for graphics card manufacturing companies as the demand will decline, thereby causing loss to such companies. 


There is another group of experts who do not believe that fall in cryptocurrency prices will have any major impact on GPU producers. They believe so because there are many cryptocurrencies and crypto miners will shift to other lesser known cryptocurrencies rather selling their graphics cards. This line of thought is questioned by other experts who insist that only a few cryptocurrencies are economically significant and usually the crypto prices are interlinked, which means that fall in crypto prices will have a negative effect on almost all cryptocurrencies.


Till now, the overall effect of cryptocurrency has been positive for GPU makers as they have got a new customer base. One can see the popularity of GPU systems for miners from Google search patterns where one can find various combinations of search terms used by crypto miners to find the best quality graphics card for mining. Apart from these, discussions on the best and low-cost graphics cards have gained popularity on various bitcoin forums. If you intend to mine cryptocurrency and are looking for the best quality cards, then you can browse through GPU review sites to find latest and affordable GPU products for mining. 

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