cryptocurrency news of the week August week 32

Crypto weekly – Week 32 – Market Continues in Decline

A summary of cryptocurrency news of the last few days that have been

After last week we felt the market reactions from a rejected ETF application. The price of Bitcoin went up to a price of $ 8200 in week 30 and consolidated down to a price of $ 7450 at the end of week 31.

Now in week 32 prices still have a strong downturn. The price of the bitcoin now amounts to $ 6560, which is approximately $ 890 down in price since the last week. The Altcoin market has followed the same pattern, and most of the party has been in the red. Something that, on the other hand, has increased is bitcoin’s total market dominance, which now stands at 50%. The last bitcoin’s market dominance was as big as it was in early December 2017. At the time of writing, the total market capitalization is $ 215b.

Here are some of the news that has been relevant last week along with good reading material

Maersk and IBM in significant blockchain collaboration

The shipping giant Maersk and the technology company IBM have entered into comprehensive cooperation on a blockchain project under the name of Tradelens. Read more about it here.

The decision on bitcoin fund exposed

The US Securities and Exchange Commission, a federal supervisory body responsible for securities trading, chose to postpone the decision on a bitcoin fund. Read more about it here.

A massive gamble on Bitcoin futures puts investors in trouble

After a colossal bet worth $ 416m went wrong on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange OKex, it has set small investors with profits in a pinch. Read more about it here.

Key things you should know about blockchain in 2018

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Get an insight into the adaptation of the crypto currency until 2018

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A deep dive in how data and information are stored in Ethereum

Want to learn more about how Ethereum stores its transactions and how it’s a bitcoin different, you can read it here.

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