Crypto Trading – Myth: News move the markets

Myth: News move the markets

Reality: Market moves are predefined. NEWS/FUD (both positive & negative) is created to justify the price action.

?Filter the Noise & focus on learning Support & Resistance points. Every past or future FUD is already priced in at the levels.

❗️Downside is not done yet but it’s a good time to start buying & add on dips for a mini bull run that’s expected later this year for ALTs. Everything is on SALE so BUY what you like based on your own research. We have issued some calls & we stand by all calls.

Do yourself a favor. If anybody is telling you 20,000 & new ATH by end 2018, simply unfollow them. They have no idea what they are talking about.

? Our mini bull run targets should be 50-150% from current+dips levels. To go to 20K we need 350% & that’s not happening in a while.

Source: Cryptomadcap