Crypto News of The Week – Week 43-47

It is now approximately 4 weeks since our last report. Bitcoin has fallen back to its former support level of around $ 6450- $ 6650, after rising to a price of almost $ 8000 on 15 October. At the time of writing, the bitcoin is priced at $ $6385.

The Altcoin market, on the other hand, has seen more growth over the weeks, with several having increased by two-digit percentages over hours. The big difference from these increases versus those who have been earlier is that during the period there have been only a few individuals cryptocurrencies which have increased at the same time, which follow from each other. This has been common in the past, where the altcoin market has tended to push each other “up” and can be interpreted as a pattern that is starting to break.

The total market share of the aggregate market is beginning to rise. This may be because the “high cap” coins performing better in the market in general or that the sentiment perspective to the market has been changed. At the time of writing, the total market cap of cryptocurrency is $ 212 billion.

Here are some of the current news in the last four weeks, along with good reading material.

Bitcoin Cash in War: A Potential Split?

There is much talk about Bitcoin Cash and their situation. Several in the community and the team have come up with disagreements and discussions about where the future chain will be maintained, discussing a fork called Bitcoin ABC. Read more here!

Can Ethereum detect your location?

Peter Szilagyi, an Ethereum Core developer, explains how open and transparent Ethereum may potentially be. Read more here!

Korean lawyers demand that the government set up blockchain rules immediately.

Lawyers in Korea miss regulatory rules for blockchain and how to handle it. The government is asked to make regulation as soon as possible. Something that can indicate great activity in the field. Read more here!

Norwegian King Harald and Queen Sonja at the ceremony of VeChain in China

The Norwegian royal couple was at the opening ceremony of VeChain’s partnership with DNV GL. Read more about the project and the agreement here!

VISA CEO: Cryptocurrency is no threat, but if we can then we support it

Visa’s CEO came out with a relatively vague statement about the company’s point of view of the crying currency and its competing role. Read more about the statement here!

Coinbase CTO: Cryptocurrency is on its way into the mainstream.

Cryptocurrency has begun to go mainstream among the technology community. Read more here!

Bank of America wins patent for crypto storage system

Banks are working intensively to implement themselves into the crypto and blockchain industry. The struggle for who can get the most patents is in full swing. Read more about BoA’s latest storage patent here!

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