Crypto News of the Week – Week 40 & 41

Week 40 and 41 have been two stable weeks, at least until this Thursday, if we are to calculate in terms of price changes. Bitcoin initially kept a stable position between $ 6500 to $ 6650, something that is the same as in week 39. On Thursday, Bitcoin and the market went down from $ 6500 to $6300 and it remains at the same level today.

The sentiment in the market seems to continue positively, as did at the end of week 39. Several market players have stated that they believe the bottom is either close or reached. In other words, the crypto community can hope for a potential bull-run in the near future. If we look back in time we will see that December has proved to be a good month for crypto price growth of cryptographic in the previous years.

One thing that is certain is that more and more news within blockchain and cryptocurrencies involves big and serious companies. News about agreements and general focus in the field is now much more central than pure price and project speculation. A healthy sign for the ecosystem!

Here are some of the current news in the last two weeks, along with some good reading material.

Ripple product is going live for the first time, in collaboration with three financial companies.

The development marks the first time the XRP will be used in a commercial application of financial services. Read more here!

Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 is released: Here’s what’s new

03. October 2018 marks the official release of Bitcoin Core 0.17.0, the 17th generation of Bitcoin’s original software client launched by Satoshi Nakamoto almost 10 years ago, and still the most dominant Bitcoin implementation on the network today. Read more about the update here!

The US state agency labeled virtual commodities (commodities)

Commodity of Futures Trading Commission provided a letter indicating that virtual currencies should be treated as an item and not as a currency. Read more about their press release here!

Mining profitability – Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

The cryptocurrency blog Bl4nkcode posted an article comparing Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of the expected profitability now and in the near future. Read the article here!

See how a man travels around the world with just 1 Bitcoin

See the documentary here!

European regulators report that there will be ICO rules by 2019

Read more about what and why here!

Seoul Mayor puts large sums into blockchain based smart city

Read more here!

IBM’s food blockchain launches with a giant Supermarket aboard

Read more about the cooperation here!