Cryptocurrency News of The Week – Week 39

During Week 39, the market has been characterized by a lot of volatility. Prices have seen strong ups and downs. Bitcoin itself is on the same level as last week, at around $ 6600.

It may seem that it has woken up to life in the crypto market again. Several coins have been pumped high, while the rest seems to have stabilized within a certain frame. The sentiment among people, in general, can also be perceived as positive. People seem to be optimistic for the end of the year.

Here are some of the current news this week, along with good reading material.

US legislators refuse proposals for a “Crypto Task Force”

An effort by the US Congress to launch a working group that has the main role to investigate the cryptocurrency is suspended. Read more about it here!

Chinese search giant shares details of a future blockchain

Chinese search giant Baidu officially released a whitepaper from its “Blockchain Lab” about their XuperChain network. Read more here!

Goldman Sachs leads a $ 25 million funding in the blocked startup “Veem”

Blocked startup Veem has closed a $ 25 million funding, head of Goldman Sachs, it was announced Wednesday. Read more about the project here!

IBM expands the blockchain partnership with the insurance broker Marsh

Marsh expands in an attempt to provide insurance solutions on IBM’s platform. Read more about the cooperation here!

Dollar-supported cryptocurrencies have arrived. Circle’s stablecoin can now be traded.

Four months after they first announced the establishment of a dollar-backed stable coin, the financial company Circle celebrates it to the world. Read more about what a stablecoin is here!

AT & T launches blocked solutions in supply services and health.

The world’s largest telecom company, AT & T, has announced that they will launch a range of block-based services targeting different industries. Read more about it here!