Crypto Marketing: How to Generate Leads for Your Blockchain Project

Lead generation is crucial for any business. However, many blockchain projects rely on trial and error to find potential investors while others may not be branching out as much as they should. In this article, we outline the top lead generation sources to guide your crypto marketing strategy

Blockchain webinars

It takes a lot more effort and commitment to participate in a webinar than to read a blog, so you can be sure that the resultant leads you have are better and qualified. Blockchain webinars also provide a global reach, allowing you to target an audience based anywhere in the world.

For the crypto community, the best webinars that best resonate with the audience are educational webinars. This is a type of webinar as it provides action steps to the problems the project is trying to solve.  Webinar titles containing a list or the words “how to” have been shown to drive higher attendance rates, and potentially generate quality leads. 

Live workshop webinars or AMAs are also very effective at acquiring new leads. In this type of webinar, you would ask the community to submit questions about the project, which you can do either before or during the session, and then respond to those questions during the webinar. 

Landing pages 

Whether you’re looking to generate leads, sell tokens, or collect data, landing pages are where the visitor conversion occurs. The goal is to send visitors to a targeted landing page, where you can expect them to fill out a form and complete the conversion. From a crypto marketing perspective, having the right information, to the right person, at the right time is key to converting your visitors into leads and investments.

Moreover, an effective call-to-action (CTA) can also increase conversion rates. Asking a prospect to join a whitelist, for instance, is a great start. But you should also explain the process, demonstrate how easy it is. Provide a breakdown to show potential investors what they can expect when they choose to back your project.

Outbound prospecting 

Outbound prospecting within crypto marketing involves building a list of potential prospects, that is, people and companies that could potentially invest in your project. It aims to reach out to these prospects through cold outreach such as cold emails and cold calling. Upon establishing that first contact and qualifying leads, the company can then work on closing deals.

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