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CoTrader ICO Review – Everyone Can Start Their Own Hedge Fund

Online trading can be risky business. However, CoTrader promises to make this a thing of the past by creating a platform where phony investments won’t make you lose money. CoTrader currently works on decentralized exchanges and already has a live and functional MVP on Ethereum and mainnet. However, CoTrader hopes to grow into a system that supports all tradable assets including those in centralized exchanges.

As you can see, CoTrader is backed by very powerful ambitions. So, what is CoTrader all about?

Overview of CoTrader

CoTrader is a blockchain-based marketplace for investment funds. It is built to simplify investing by pooling many experienced traders. In so doing, the platform allows users to improve the performance of their investments greatly. Smart Funds on CoTrader additionally give users complete control over their investment funds.

The project is bent on maximizing financial gains and bringing more freedom to investors. By differentiating between custodianship and fund management, the platform allows a user to control his/her money without holding it.

CoTrader is a transparent marketplace that is excellent for armature investors as well as those who don’t have sufficient time to evaluate the market. Some of the benefits that the platform offers include better asset control, complete liquidity, proven return on investment, security and privacy.

CoTrader is built to become the ultimate trade platform and marketplace. It will support crypto, ICOs, all tradable assets, stocks, shorts, and derivatives. A super-Decentralized Exchange hybrid infrastructure and smart funds protocol are used to manage and support entities on CoTrader.

Features of CoTrader

CoTrader is like a large superstore for traders. Coingecko described it as the Uber of hedge funds, and ICO Bench gave it a perfect 5.0 rating. The high ratings that the project has received are due to the platform’s powerful features.

Smart Funds

Ethereum-based Smart Funds are at the core of CoTrader. Each smart contract has an investor, a fund manager, and tradable shares.

Creating a fund

Anyone can create a Smart Fund. Once created, CoTrader (COT) tokens are deposited into the fund. The creator then establishes a fund name as well as the performance fees for the fund. Usually, performance fees are about 20%.


Again, anyone can invest in a Smart Fund by depositing CoTrader (COT) tokens. After investing, new shares are minted and attached to the Smart Fund. The shares minted correspond to the total amount invested as well as the current value of that fund’s holdings.

When one withdraws his/her investment from a fund, his/her shares are burnt and the total number of shares attached to that fund decreases. Upon withdrawal, you receive your investment funds minus a performance fee for all the profits that the fund manager made for you.

Smart Funds have an ERC20 token interface and can be traded on decentralized exchanges and transferred between accounts just like any other ERC20 token

Fund Managers

Anyone can register on CoTrader’s Registry Smart Contract to become a fund manager. A minimal, one-time gas fee is paid to service the registration transaction.

Becoming a fund manager typically begins with trading with your personal funds so as to build a strong ROI (Return on Investments) history.

Fund managers receive part of the profit that a smart fund realizes based on the performance fee that has been defined by the creators of that fund.

CoTrader’s SuperDex Infrastructure

CoTrader brings together other decentralized exchange (DEXs) to create one big SuperDEX. The initial DEX integrations into CoTrader will include Bancor, Ox and Kyber exchanges. In addition to bringing other exchanges on board, CoTrader also plans to create a native CoTrader DEX.

  1. Tradeable assets on CoTrader

CoTrader plan to begin its operations by supporting ERC20 and Ethereum tokens. However, as more assets get tokenized in the real world, CoTrader will start to support other cryptocurrencies and assets such as USD, oil, gold, tokenized real-estate assets, etc.

Unique Benefits of CoTrader

  1. Protection of Smart Fund Investors

The use of blockchain makes CoTrader a decentralized and trustless peer-to-peer platform that eliminates the need for intermediaries and trust when transferring crypto assets. This confers considerable security against dishonest third parties. The infrastructure is also expertly created such that it’s not susceptible to hacking.

The use of Smart Funds additionally puts the investor in full control of their assets

Fund managers can only trade on the DEXs that have been vetted and incorporated into the platform.

Proof of ROI is available for every fund manager. Therefore, investors can easily invest in funds that have the highest potential for trade profitability.

  1. ICO Funds Give Liquidity to Unlocked Tokens

Users can create a special fund that only contains ICO tokens. The investors in an ICO Fund stand to benefit from group discounts during ICOs.

ICO Funds are ERC20 tokens that create liquidity for tokens that are locked or unavailable. They can, therefore, be traded before the conclusion of an ICO or even before tokens are unlocked.

  1. CoTrader Offers Cryptographic Trader Privacy

The platform offers trade secrecy to fund managers. Therefore, a fund manager can hide his/her strategies.

  1. CoTrader Smart Escrow to Enhance Safety and Transparency

A smart contract called Smart Escrow will be used to provide safe and transparent liquidity. By using Smart Escrow, traders will be able to transact on decentralized exchanges as well as on centralized exchanges such as Ameritrade and Binance.

  1. CoTrader Will Support Non-Tokenized Assets

Through Smart Escrow and CoTrader’s Master account, traders will be able to buy and sell both crypto and non-crypto assets including forex and stock.

  1. CoTrader Will be a Marketplace for Trading Tools

Initially, CoTrader developers will provide basic trading tools. However, as the platform grows, CoTrader will come to support the creation, buying and selling of third-party trading tools.

ICO Summary

Token Sale Dates: ICO: Starts: 5th September 2018. Ends: 13th September 2018.
Token:                 COT
Platform:            Ethereum
Buy With:           ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH,
Price:                    1 ETH= 1,400,000
Hard Cap:           10,000 ETH
Soft Cap:             1,000 ETH
Restricted In:    USA

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