CoolWallet S: The Coolest Secure Crypto Hardware Wallet on The Block

Online wallets have their shortcomings especially in matters of guaranteeing the security of your cryptocurrency. This is why hardware wallets exist: to give you extra security.  An innovative product from CoolBit X, the CoolWallet S, is designed to go an extra mile in providing users both style and utmost crypto security. CoolWallet stores BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH and even certain ERC20 tokens. It’s no doubt that it packs a lot of elegance and class. Nevertheless, we are putting the CoolWallet under scrutiny to determine just how cool it really is. Walk with us…

CoolWallet’s Package

CoolBit X spared no expense when designing a hardware wallet that will impress you from the moment its delivered to you. CoolWallet S comes in a spectacular black box. On the inside cover is a message for Michael Ou, the CEO, written in gold.

Besides the premium allure of the package, inside you get a full dose of essential functionality. Inside the box is a charging dock, a USB connector, a recovery card where you handwrite your unique seed phrase, a gracefully-designed logo sticker and finally the CoolWallet S.

CoolWallet’s Functionality

This isn’t your everyday credit card; but it looks like one- a really cool credit card. This is because CoolWallet S is an ultrathin hardware wallet designed for easy portability. It additionally comes with the ability to connect to other devices via Bluetooth or NFC technology.

CoolWallet is a product of an Indiegogo campaign started in 2014. It was conceived to offer users a new way of storing their cryptocurrency safely offline. The principle behind it is that cold storage i.e. offline storage offers more security for your electronic coins than online storage. Hackers could, for instance, circumvent all the security measures that blockchain offers, get into your account, steal of your bitcoins and leave you high and dry. Other unfortunate folks have been victims of malware attacks that left them with huge cryptocurrency losses. CoolWallet is thus a safe haven for your coins. This offline wallet can neither be hacked nor attacked by malware.

CoolWallet’s Design

The design of this wallet oozes a serious business vibe. It has a classy black and gold exterior that is completely waterproof. On its front, CoolWallet has a 24.6mm by 21.9mm display screen. The small screen displays a variety of important information including your seeds and passwords as well as the authorization to send funds out.

Below the display screen is a clickable, circular control button that performs various card operations. The button acts as a power-up button, command confirmation button and it also changes the cryptocurrency being displayed by your card. A discreet serial number is printed at the top of the back of the card. At the bottom of the card is another discrete text above which two charging pins are placed.

The Coolwallet card is waterproof, impact resistant, tamperproof and is resistant to both heat and cold. It can withstand flex up to a certain amount and will easily slip into your pocket wallet along with your other credit cards and IDs.

Coolwallet’s Usability

Setting up your wallet is as easy as ABC. The process is mobile-oriented so you need a device powered by either Android or iOS. Download the mobile application, install it and then pair your CoolWallet to your device via Bluetooth. You will be prompted to create your personal wallet. The wallet requires security seed with 12, 18 or 24 numbers whose sum is then added up and used to boost your security. It may take you quite some time to secure your wallet adequately using Coolwallet, but it’s all designed to make sure that your coins remain safe and secure.

After setting up the wallet, you can now withdraw or deposit coins to Coolwallet. The wallet sends your signed transactions strictly via the connected mobile device. It is never connected to the internet to maximize security. It also allows users to easily share wallet addresses and QR codes on social networks and other typical messaging services.


Users have many options for hardware wallets, but clearly, none of them comes close to matching what Coolwallet S has to offer. Its professional design goes hand-in-hand with its flawless functionality and user-friendly mobile integration.

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