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A Complete Guide to a Successful ICO Marketing Campaign

2017 was definitely the year of ICO a year which was all about cryptocurrencies. In 2017 more than $5.6 billion ICO projects were raised making it a year of ICO. With the rise in the decentralized market, ICO is rising quickly. Startup companies and business owners across the world are showing their keen interest in ICO in order to raise funds through the trading of coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. But one must know that it takes a lot of work behind a successful ICO. Marketing plays a crucial role in the success or failure of an ICO/STO.

An ICO Marketing Company can definitely help in planning a strategic marketing campaign.

You might have got the best ICO product but without a successful marketing campaign, it will not gain the success it deserves. Before launching an ICO you must understand what you need for the ICO to stand out and create a position in the market. ICO marketing plays an integral role in a successful ICO as it allows the business to reach out to the potential audience. Whatever marketing strategy you plan for the ICO it should be long-establishing as you want to convince people to invest in your ICO project. It is impossible for an ICO project to raise funds until and unless the ICO establishes a position in the market.

In this article, we are going to discuss what it takes to run a successful ICO marketing campaign.

To start with the ICO marketing campaign it is important to focus and prepare marketing inputs for your project. For any ICO marketing campaign, these collaterals play a major role in its success.

  • ICO website
  • ICO whitepaper
  • Social media profiles
  • A demonstration video
  • Pitch deck

The above-mentioned marketing inputs are important and must be planned to fit well in the marketing structure while launching an ICO.

  • Social Media Marketing

Once you are done creating an ICO website and publishing the ICO whitepaper the next step should be promoting the project on social media accounts. Through social media accounts, you can interact with people across the world, let them know about your ICO project, token sale and connect with your target audience. Through social media promotion of the ICO, you are able to reach out to potential investors and increase brand recognition.

By creating profiles on popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit you can reach out to more people. Engage with people on these accounts and tell them about your upcoming events and activities.
Once you are able to raise awareness about your project you can also create a community and reach out to a wider audience base.

  • Search Engine Optimization for ICO

Having a website is an important part of ICO marketing plan but don’t you want the website to rank number one on the search engines? Of course, you do, SEO is the most effective way to rank your website on the search engines. The on-page and off-page SEO plays an important role in ranking your site and provides long term benefits for the ICO project. ICO advertising is highly regulated on the channels hence it is important to implement correct SEO strategies.

  • Content Marketing

How can we mention SEO without including content marketing on the list? Content marketing is an important part of running a successful marketing campaign. When it comes to ICO marketing creating and publishing good content is very important to cater to the audience.
Creating content is what will define and help people in knowing the potential of your project. You must start by publishing quality content on popular sites in the form of Press Releases, Blogs/Articles, Videos, Infographics, Podcasts, social media posts, etc. Good quality content will create better engagement on the search engines so it is important to create content keeping in mind the target audience. To do this you will have to create structure and publish the content to help your ICO reach out to maximum people.

  • Paid Ad Campaign

Paid ad campaigns also allow your ICO to reach out to a maximum number of people and help in increasing visibility and awareness. The paid ads allow you to reach out to a worldwide audience.
The budget for paid ICO ads is not fixed it is for you to decide how much you want to invest in a paid advertisement for promoting the project on various channels/platforms. However, remember for successful advertising campaign content must be engaging and compelling. Create images and videos that are outstanding and cater to the investors in order to create a better exposure in the market.

  • Bounty Campaigns

Bounty campaign is yet another way to raise awareness among the audience about the ICO project in the market. As a startup, you can offer individuals with bounties for performing activities like:

  • Promotion of posts on social media accounts.
  • Reporting errors in the website.
  • Creating and sharing blogs for your project.
  • Sharing whitepaper on various social media accounts.

Through bounty campaigns, you can easily raise funds and at the same time attract new investors, and reach out to a global audience.

  • Optimize Using Email Marketing

Email marketing can play an important role in running a successful Initial Coin Offering and STO marketing. It is one of the most effective and convenient ways to cater to a broader group of audience. However, all email providers do not allow sending emails for ICO so you will have to figure that out. By making a list of potential investors you can effectively use your email marketing campaign and allow better engagement.
For long term benefits, it is better to prepare an email list to optimize your efforts but it is quite time consuming. Once you have prepared a list you can further segregate it based on the interest. A properly planned email marketing strategy can surely give you long term benefits.
Email marketing is definitely one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways of reaching to your audience.

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