CoinsLoot: Introducing Loot Boxes to the World of Cryptocurrency

Loot boxes are one of the hottest and most debated topics in the gaming sector. They are simply virtual items in online games (think of crates or bundle boxes) that contain non-monetary rewards that a gamer can utilize to enhance the gaming experience. The rewards are unknown and can only be found by opening up a loot box, which a gamer can purchase using real money, with no guarantee that it will occur.

It is, for this reason, many critics have attached loot boxes to gambling since luck determines the outcome instead of skills. However, CoinsLoot is expected to change this perception by bringing loot boxes into the world of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is the technology that underpins both Cryptos and CoinsLoot, which ensures the playfield is equal and transparent for
every user and that no one manipulates the results.

What is CoinsLoot?

The first of its kind, CoinsLoot is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that enables users to purchase loot boxes using USDT, an ERC-20 token to reveal a reward. The mechanism is similar to the swap mechanism available on popular exchanges, however, CoinsLoot has added fun and entertainment to it while allowing users to get preferred cryptos as well as diversify their portfolio in the process.

What’s in Loot Boxes?

CoinsLoot’s offer Loot Boxes similar to the ones found in major video games, but these boxes are filled with popular cryptocurrencies along with real-world items like smartphones, electronics and even a Tesla Model X. USDT used to purchase the box will determine the value of the loot
box. Also, CoinsLoot’s boxes have a no-loss guarantee and can offer up to 10% free cryptocurrencies.

Something for Everyone

Each Loot Box on the CoinsLoot platform has provably fair algorithm code to ensure the results are random and that everyone has a chance to get a specific value and a real item. If a user doesn’t like the reward, it can be exchanged for another spin. Given the reputation of Loot Boxes, CoinsLoot’s transparent and trustworthy approach could change the narratives around
Loot Boxes.

LOOT Token Underpins CoinsLoot

CoinsLoot is currently having an ICO on CoinCasso platform for their LOOT token, which is a standard ERC-20 utility token. Investors can stake LOOT tokens on the smart contract to earn dividends or profits from all the transactions occurring on the platform. The longer the period, the higher the returns. Besides, the platform doesn’t take a cut in the profit; all the profit from staking goes to the LOOT holders.
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