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COINSio: Earning from Digital Assets All Under one Roof

The crypto exchange market place has experienced a lot of growth in the recent years and has been fueled by the increase in cryptocurrency adoption and the speculative interest on the coins. There are hundreds of services, tokens and platforms so far making it very hard to navigate the fragmented playing field.

New adopters that manage to keep at it want to work in isolated exchange platforms. They are looking for convenience as they try to access their tokens and manage or use their tokens from different venues. Any exchange based platform that wants to be successful in the next few years will need to offer more than the major token pairs and the latest tools for trading. It will need to engage uses with many inter-connected crypto services and to offer the full capabilities of an ecosystem while providing convenience in access to the world by an interface that is user-friendly.

Introducing COINSio

The next wave of users within the mainstream market is coming. Convenience, integration and simplicity will be highly valued, with one stop shops like COINSio proving to be more appealing for people who are just entering the market. That way, they can have access to everything they need under one roof.

COINSio has recognized the need and is playing its part in driving adoption in a way that has the ease of use at its core. It delivers a framework that is not only fully compliant, but is also workable across different platforms – mobile applications and on desktop. It is an all in one platform in which the ultimate power belongs to the user.

On the platform, you are able to buy Gift cards and Bitcoin. You can earn, use Bitcoin and Altcoins, trade and spend or exchange tokens. The platform has many exciting features including the ability to take part in bounties. You can do simple tasks and participate in ways that will earn you rewards. You may need KYC though for some projects, provided that your country is not restricted.

Any person, whether you are a Youtuber or a writer, or if you simply have an account on social media with some followers, can participate to earn cryptocurrency. You simply pick the bounty offer among current ones like the: Twitter bounty, Facebook bounty, COINSio video bounty and the Articles bounty. You complete the required work and then get paid upon submission.

On Twitter, for example, bounty hunters get rewarded for sharing tweets or posts on the COINSio handle within a fortnight of publication. Before you can begin though, your Twitter ID has to be approved. There are minimum requirements for an account getting approved. The rules are different for each of the bounty campaigns. Failing to meet the rules means that no payment will be made.

COINSio Wallet

The platform has its own wallet that is used to withdraw and store user earnings. Earnings are shown immediately they are made and you can withdraw them any time you want. Note, however, that a 10% platform use fee is charged from your final payment and will be deducted. The wallent is connected to a peer to peer marketplace which means that it is easy for you to transfer and exchange both digital and fiat assets.

Anyone is able work on COINSio, because the platform is user friendly. There are many payment options ranging from PayPal to posting a Cheque. The transactions use an escrow system for the sake of securing the process, but it is uncomplicated to follow.

Trade is easily manageable. You pick the option that appeals to you; coin to fiat, coin to Gift Card trade or coin to coin. Note that the trades that involve gift cards or fiat are limited to accounts created by pro-traders. You need a KYC2 and KYC1. You have to be active and respond to action requests so as to trade. For the sake of security, payments are recommended to be done inside the platform. The platform acts as an escrow between the parties participating in the transaction.

The Team

The COINSio team is has a balanced mix of experts from different fields. There are experts in mechanical engineering, finance, software development and business administration. All employees have a history of successful careers in their specific fields that they bring to the company, providing a degree of guarantee to the users of the platform.


With the crytocurrency exchange space getting crowded, COINSio has made use of decades of experience in different fields to provide an excellent access point for trading, spending and staking cryptocurrency. The project solves a problem that few others do, making use of smart contracts to bridge the gap between availing digital assets to retail and legacy finance. Both newcomers and experienced traders would enjoy the platform. There has never been a better time to live off cryptocurrencies!

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Experienced business writer with a solid track record of work in tech-related companies and online marketing.

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