Cloud Token Wallet:  A Decentralized Payment System for the Masses

Many businesses all over the world have chosen to utilize cloud computing to allow their employees to work remotely on any device. This new normal for SMBs and more prominent corporations is aimed at reducing costs. There are fewer desks, less rent and zero need to buy expensive office equipment. Cloud services provide a safety net.

The costs of cloud services, however, are increasing and so small businesses in emerging markets may find it challenging to reach their potential. A tech hub based in Dublin saw an opportunity to serve these businesses and moved to decentralize the cloud to offer access.

About Cloud Token

Cloud Token has been described as a bank with interest rates per month and any time withdrawals. It is the first global e-wallet to integrate all cryptocurrency assets on a blockchain platform. The goal is to create an ecosystem based on 4.0 blockchain technology and a mobile payment system. Toward this ambition, the team has added a credit card option to the wallet application.

Cloud token currently hosts BTC, TUSD, BCH, DOGE, ETH, USDT, CTO and LTC coins. One of the highlights of the wallet is the robot trading AI that reviews currency pairs in different exchanges. It gives you information on the leading analyst segment for you to decide if to enter the order or not. Part of the project’s strong points is that you can withdraw your deposits any time you like.

Cloud Token will meet all your needs like a regular wallet – withdrawing and sending money – but you receive a daily interest. It becomes better to put your assets in the wallet to earn the six to 12% interest than to keep them in the blockchain and have them remain the same.

Note that income in the wallet is paid daily, whether you are an investor or network builder. Investing in Cloud Token is different in that you do not use money to secure a package. All you do is send your assets for storage. There is a minimum amount of $100.

Why Cloud Token matters

Many blockchain-based cloud services are launching cryptocurrencies. Cloud Token differs in its appeal to the masses. It does not alienate people who are not tech-savvy. The platform looks to serve everyone, regardless of their tech experience, creating some ‘open playground.’

Secondly, Cloud Token has significant earning potential. Many devices all over the world will be contributing a lot of computing power to the cloud. As you sleep, your phone, computer or laptop could give spare processing power to the decentralized cloud via a node assigned to you. These services are monetized with tokens, and a contributor gets a continuous income.

Finally, you get immediate liquidity, which is rare for an ICO. Typically, there is a waiting period of up to 36 months as creators need the raised funds to build the prototype. The parent company created the liquidity in Cloud Token.

Using Cloud Token wallet is easy. You download and install it and then follow the registration and login prompts.  To register, you will need to visit the app store and download the app for Android or Iphone. Continue by downloading the app and register with the code 1043739661 . You may have to integrate a security application to the wallet for authentication.