Bringing value with CreataChain’s Augusteum Consensus Core

People recognize blockchain’s promise for enhancing corporate operations, offering transactional transparency and security throughout the value chain. Despite this, the anticipated mass acceptance has yet to take place.There have been a number of issues in recent years that have allowed widespread acceptance of the blockchain. Lack of interoperability is by far the most generally acknowledged concern. CreataChain( ) Network is a blockchains that is self-contained, scalable, and interoperable. It is laying the groundwork for a new ecosystem.

Blockchains were separated and unable to communicate with one another. They were time-consuming to build and could only handle a certain number of operations per second. CreataChain is a blockchain project that aims to make it easier to connect and interact with different types of blockchains. The ecosystem claims to provide scalability, usability, and interoperability, all of which are necessary for widespread use of blockchain technology. CreataChain has been created to address issues such as limited scripting language, incompatible consensus mechanism and lack of flexibility.

The importance of interoperability, or the capacity for blockchains to exchange data, is emphasised by CreataChain. The Augusteum Consensus Core is a consensus mechanism that unifies the networking and consensus layers of a blockchain into a modular engine, allowing developers to focus on their applications rather than the difficult underlying protocol. As a result, Augusteum saves hundreds of hours of development time. The Augusteum Consensus Core gives strength and flexibility to the overall system. It is a hybrid consensus that is fault-tolerant and allows the users to work towards an environment of fairness and productivity. Incompatible consensus engines, that have existed before, always are prone to malicious activities or the inactivity of nodes that then fault the overall working of the system, this causes a hindrance in the system and slows down the transactions. The Augusteum Consensus Core brings a faster and more scalable blockchain on the table.

Bitcoin has been using the Proof-of-Work consensus engine that only adds up to more time and consumes more energy for making a transaction. Ethereum uses Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that creates a certain monopoly within the engine from which many nodes cannot be benefitted. Augusteum Consensus Core has been built using Delegated Proof-of-Stake and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance. The CreataChain’s prestigious consensus saves energy and allows a great number of transactions to process in a short span of time. By saving energy and time, the users are contributing to the eco-friendly environment and still bring a change in the way blockchain systems work. The Augusteum Consensus Core is a scalable and faster consensus mechanism.

CreataChain is set to take the lead in the blockchain community with its consensus mechanism as it is offering benefits that are befitting for common people, developers and businesses. Organisations have the privilege to build blockchain privately as well blockchains are open to the common public, this allows diversity to be defined as the ecosystem’s strength. The consensus mechanism protects the data of each user and the whole network from any breakdown. Confidential data will remain confidential and the permissioned blockchains will build a system with robust security and compatibility.

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CreataChain is a reliable network of blockchain that connects and builds a community of evolution that contributes to the upgrading of the technology. Blockchain projects are enhancing their features and do not cease to amaze with their extraordinary architecture and the ability to tackle challenges, and CreataChain is part of this big plan of advancement. The main purpose of CreataChain is to link other blockchains together by enhancing their functionality and increasing their efficiency. Hosting distributed exchanges, bridge to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, and multi-application interaction are all part of the CreataChain goal.

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