EXPIRED 25.09 – Boldman Capital Airdrop – Dividend Sharing Ethereum Token

Note: Airdrop finished 25.09 – Feel free to check out our other airdrops!

Short Description

Boldman Capital (BOLD token) is a divident sharing Ethereum token.
It is a shared, dezentralized investment fund.
Every month, 90% of the profit gets distributed to the token holders in the form of passive Ethereum income once a month.
In August, they received over 7%, and in September they received 9%.

How To Join Airdrop

  1. Join the airdrop here and do some easy social media tasks to earn up to 1250 tokens.
  2. (Optional) Refer others and receive 200 tokens per referral.

Airdrop Value: 0,0125 ETH + referrals