Blockoville – All-New Crypto-Based Social Platform is Highly Rewarding

Blockoville - all new social platform that will pay to create content in cryptos and fiats

Cryptocurrencies are becoming extremely popular. Take a look at Bitcoin, one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, reaching sky-high profits for investors, miners, and people who have a profound interest in the currency of the future.

Once valued equal to physical currency USD now is close to 34k USD which shows the potential and growth in cryptocurrencies and also their future. Other virtual currencies such as Ethereum, Dodge coins, Lite coins are also finding a tremendous boost in value following the roll in the value of Bitcoins.

Now if you could imagine making a jackpot with cryptos, I must say it is possible. You have already seen how it happened with bitcoins, the gains are huge with the value of coins rocketing from 10k to 34k in a matter of few months. And another round of profitable boost could hit anywhere sooner.

So, you have endless opportunities to make profits in the crypto market and BlockoVille is the most prominent, trusted, and reliable name in the virtual currency World right now.

Blockoville – The Most Reliable and Trusted Exchange

Blockoville is a Licensed Crypto wallet or exchange platform. It combines the features of a social platform with the advanced and cutting-edge technology of Blockchain to help users make a significant profit with their money. 

How could You Earn free Cryptos and Fiat with Blockoville?

Blockoville aimed to make the crypto world simple yet secure for users who are skeptical about taking a financial risk in the crypto industry. Recently, there have been enumerable scams and incidents of hacking where people lost their money overnight.

Since most of the financial transactions are backed by the power of blockchain and distributed networks of computers, your money is secure with Blockoville. And there are numerous ways you can earn cryptos and fiat for free with Blockoville.

Social Platform

Leveraging smart technology and keeping the users in mind, the engineers at Blockoville endeavored to build a platform that helps users earn cryptos and fiat without having to purchase it. It strives to liberate them from a 9-5 job and make a living by spending time and having fun with friends and sharing their stories with new people. Blockoville has developed a platform where users can write stories, articles, and other sorts of content and in return, they are rewarded with cryptocurrency.


 Crypto Wallets

Blockoville offers users safe, secure, and reliable crypto wallet services. On the platform, users can hold 20 pairs of cryptocurrencies without having to worry about losing the funds. And, 100+ other wallets are soon coming in near future.


There are other phenomenal ways to earn cryptos as well. One of the fantastic ones is their referral program where you can recommend other people and friends. For referral, you earn (10-30 %) on each transaction for all the users that sign up through your referral link.

Dedicated Currency Accounts

Blockoville is not limited to just cryptos you can go beyond virtual coins and hold fiat currencies as well. The platform provides its users with dedicated Iban accounts in EUR, GBP, INR, and 7 other fiat currencies.

Blockoville Plans for Future

Although, there are umpteen of ways that users can harness to get hold of massive profits. But, Blockoville has other plans for the future that makes it extremely promising to keep an eye on. 

Among the plans they have beyond 2021 are:

Compassion points

Users will be able to get rewarded by helping others earn money. By helping other users in multiple ways on the platform, people will be able to make even more profit.

Freelance Market 

A freelance market is in development where both buyers and sellers can connect and collaborate but, with a twist of crypto rewards. 

Earn through Affiliate Marketing 

There is a decent affiliate marketing that the company is working on that is in-line with the popular affiliate marketing which garnered exponential growth in a few years. Marketers would be able to make attractive commissions by generating qualified leads in the future.

There is no brainer – Blockoville is an impressive company that envisions changing how the crypto world operates. With quality leadership and experienced management, the platform would prove to be the greatest asset for experienced and naïve to realize their dream by smartly utilizing the crypto market.

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