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Blockchain Help

Blockchain Help, since its inception, has been providing cutting-edge
technology solutions and in-depth domain expertise in bitcoins, blockchain
development, ICO launches and cryptocurrency development. Ably
supported by an exceptionally talented and experienced team of technocrats,
Blockchain Help is quickly gaining recognition as the one-stop solution to
everything related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Why choose Blockchain Help?

• 10+ years of programming expertise
• Extensive experience in blockchain technology solutions across industry
• Competitive pricing
• 3 months of support free of cost

Here is an overview of some of the services that we provide:

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way in which information is
stored and shared. It facilitates the creation of a distributed public ledger
of transactions that is transparent, secure, self-validating, and cannot be
forged. Tampering or tinkering with the data is impossible as a copy exists
with every user or participating nodes.

With diverse applications in numerous industry sectors from maintaining
land records, establishing identity, banking industry, making academic
credentials universally recognizable and verifiable, real estate, voting,
Internet of Things, healthcare and many more, blockchain technology is
disrupting the existing practices across various industry verticals.

What we offer:
• Technology Solutions
• Consulting Services
• Development Services
• Integration Services
• Testing Services
• Industry-specific Blockchain Solutions

Whatever assistance you need in Blockchain development, our experts can
provide it. Want to know more? Contact Us!

Development of New Coins

Do you look around the market place and feel that you’re not enamoured by
any of the existing coins? Have you decided to jump on to the
cryptocurrency creation bandwagon? Do you need technical expertise to
create your own cryptocurrency or alt coins (alternate coins)?
Don’t worry! Let our team of skilled professionals help you. Whether you
want to build from scratch or create fork coins, Blockchain Help is your
expert technology partner! Our technical specialists have 10+ years of
programming experience, and can create and customise cryptocurrency with
the features that you want included. Call our experts today!

Fork Coins

Are you looking to create your own cryptocurrency but don’t want to build
from scratch? Are you looking to harness the benefits of launching with a
secure blockchain, accessing built-in decentralized exchanges and not
having to do all the heavy lifting of the technical development of your
cryptocoin, by tweaking and building on top of existing coin codes? Then,
fork coins are your solution.

To create your fork coins and customise it with workable and successful
features, you will need an experienced and trusted technology partner. Look
no further! Hire our experts. From fork coin creation to helping you choose
the appropriate encryption algorithm to launching your newly created coins,
the experts at Blockchain Help will understand all of your needs and provide
solutions that are completely customised to your requirements. Call us

ICO Launch

With Initial Coin Offering (ICO) being the most preferred method of raising
capital for businesses through crowd sales with allotment of tokens, having
an experienced team of professionals to provide you turn-key support
becomes essential.

At Blockchain Help, you’ll find that our experts not only give you unmatched
technical solutions but also provide complete end-to-end assistance and
handholding, starting from the analysis of your business concept to helping
you successfully launch your ICO.

Our ICO services include:

• Business concept review
• Whitepaper writing
• Token creation and allotment
• Promotion of ICO including through use of media
• Hosting of crowd sale platform and crowd sale management

Get in touch with our experts today!

Block Explorer Development

Our technical specialists come with extensive programming and blockchain
experience, and can develop top-notch block explorers for you that will give
you up-to-date information about blocks, addresses and transactions on the
blockchains of your choice.

We can customize the block explorer to display heights, age, number of
transactions and size of the latest blocks as well as who mined it. We can
also design it to provide the most recent hash and value out readings of the
latest transactions. We can include any other parameters that you may want
to track.

To develop your custom block explorer, reach out to our tech heros!
Mining Pools Development
Running your own mining pool requires extensive experience in systems
administration, in-depth understanding of cryptocurrencies, ability to
quickly locate and fix issues to minimize downtime, and can be very

Our Blockchain Help experts can help you develop mining pools either for
single or multiple currencies as per your requirements. We can create
customised dashboards along with charts, pool statistics including number
of active workers, number of active users, current round duration etc. We
can also help you continuously monitor your worker hash rate, and
configure charts to display your hash rate distribution and hash rate/

To understand how we can customise the development of your mining pool,
call us today!

Mining Solutions

Whether you are a mining enthusiast or a professional miner with your own
farm, we provide multiple mining solutions:
• Cloud mining solutions (if you don’t have your own miner)
• Dedicated mining including hosting, energy and mining pools
• Co-location mining by sharing equipment with another Blockchain Help
member located in close proximity to you

Whatever your business needs, we have the solution. To explore our entire
service package, call us today!