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Blinked ICO Review: Blockchain Based Social Media Platform for Recommendations

What is Blinked?

Blinked is the first ever social media platform based on the blockchain. The platform provides recommendations with the intent of boosting advertising revenues. As of now, the platform is available on iTunes and has over 13 000 subscribers. Reports have it that the platform will be coming in on Android before this year ends. At the moment, Blinked has no token environment, but BLKD is being integrated.

How it works

When a user makes a recommendation, it is referred to as a blink. Whether it is an event, a person, a technology, place, product, or service, the blink will appear in the feed and the user can view it by swiping sideways. Like with other social media platforms such as Instagram, one may use the ‘Discover’ option to view all the blinks that users have made. The user may then be able to interact with the blinks either through commenting or liking.

If a comment or a blink by a user is viewed to be in bad faith, they may be flagged and penalized. There is an icon at the bottom of the screen that users click on to make a blink. The icon relies on automated technology to pull up and suggest images, addresses, and links as one starts to type a name. The user then gets to comment on the item before submitting it, a process that takes a few seconds.

Features of the platform

Once a user downloads the app, they can either log in if they already have an account or they can sign up. Signing up requires that one feed in their mobile number which then triggers an option to follow people in their address books and other influencers on the platform. One may choose to skip this step after which they are directed to an instructional video that is optional.

One could choose to immediately set up a wallet and to watch other explanation videos. These videos detail how the platform and the token works. It is after these activities that the user can engage, enjoying the following features:

  • The Feed

The Blinked Feed is a lot like the News Feed on Facebook or the Timeline on Twitter. Here, the user gets to choose who to follow based on recommendations of their friends, experts in different fields and influencers in the app. The only difference is that one swipes left to right as opposed to scrolling upwards.

  • Discover

The discover feature helps you to find new users. The idea is to be able to browse through blinks. If one finds a user they like, they can follow them.

  • Toggle

If you desire to view images by category, you can use the toggle feature. Clicking on the icon reveals a text field that you can use to refine your search further.

  • Map

The map is also called the ‘near me’ feature. It is responsible for showing you recommendations that have been made by friends who are near you. You can select the map or list view. You can use filters to refine your search.

  • User profile

The user can see their profile by clicking an icon at the upper right corner. Like with many other social media platforms, they can adjust their information there, including profile images and privacy settings. The user is also able to see all their recommendations there and can use filters to sort through them.

  • Ask, Arcade and Wallet

If a friend wants a recommendation, they can ask for it using the Ask feature. However, this feature only becomes visible in the feed and it is only followers who can respond. With the Arcade, users can exchange Blinked Gold for rewards, following recommendations they have made, for example. The user can see all their BLKD tokens and BLKD Gold in the wallet.

Why do you need it?

In most social media platforms, the user is not compensated for the contributions they make. For example, a user on Yelp may provide a review and get no compensation for it even if the platform monetizes the content. In another example such as Travelocity, users review restaurants and hotels and like with Yelp, their content is monetized, but they see no dime for it.

The trend is rampant with many sites including some that have garnered influence for themselves such as the Huffington Post. To be fair, there are a few users who are able to monetize their content, but that is only if they have a large enough following.

The Blinked platform looks to solve this problem for its users. As a user, you will get paid in Blinked Gold every time you make a contribution or a recommendation. If your recommendation or contribution gets a lot of engagement – likes and/or comments – you earn more. The argument is this; if user A makes a recommendation about a diet food that helps you lose 20 pounds in a week, the other users would not have known about it, if it were not for user A. Therefore, user A deserves to be compensated. In fact, the platform is such that other users can tip User A using BLKD gold for the helpful recommendation.

The Token

Blinked describes on their White Paper how the utility token will be used in the platform. The engineering of the token is such that it will serve as the reward and advertising product. A business, user, or advertiser will be able to buy the token, exchange it for BLKD Gold, and use it to earn on the platform. They could also use the token to give to the end user for engaging with their content.

Since the token is utility, it has no other use outside of the platform. In fact, its value comes from its use within the platform. Still, inside the platform, the tokens can earn you dinners, free products, and services, hotel rooms or even airline tickets.


Admittedly, the idea behind Blinked is an attractive one, especially to the user who is used to giving away content for free on other sites. No wonder there are more than a quarter a million recommendations on the site today. They span across industries such as Food & Drink, Air & Travel, Sports, Fashion, and Entertainment.

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